2Toms Skin-On-Skin Hydrogel Circles for Blisters, Chafing, Stings, Irritations, and Skin Pain Relief, 48 3-Inch Circles

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Brand 2Toms
Material Gel
Size 3-Inch Circles(Pack of 1)
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3 x 3 x 3 inches
Style Hydrogel Cushioning

  • ✶LONG-LASTING BLISTER RELIEF & PROTECTION – 2Toms Skin-on-Skin Circles prevents and protects against blisters, hot spots, chafing, minor dermal abrasions, friction, scrapes, rashes, cuts and burns, stings and insect bites, raw spots, rubbing, skin irritations, hand tears, poison ivy, etc.
  • ✶HYDRATES & SOOTHES SKIN INSTANTLY – These blister pads incorporate advanced hydrogel made of pure water to provide long-lasting skin protection. Not meant to be used on broken skin or wounds.
  • ✶SOFT, MOIST MICRO-MESH CUSHIONS – Skin-on-Skin Circle pads contain durable micro-mesh for long-lasting support. The hydrogel alleviates pain and aids in the healing process on contact. Designed for single-use only.
  • ✶MADE IN U.S.A.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 cm
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 3 x 3 x 3 inches; 1.2 Ounces

Item model number ‏

‎ SOS1048

Department ‏

‎ unisex-adult

Date First Available ‏

‎ June 3, 2008



Country of Origin ‏


Manufacturer ‏

‎ Medi-Dyne, 2Toms

10 reviews for 2Toms Skin-On-Skin Hydrogel Circles for Blisters, Chafing, Stings, Irritations, and Skin Pain Relief, 48 3-Inch Circles

  1. Mitch

    These patches are great at relieving pressure on your blisters that you get from wearing you footwear at the point of impact. I had a major heel blister and I was able to continue my work outs the next day with no issues at all. I would recommend these pads for your blister problems.

  2. Atr

    Needs the bandage parts to be bigger so they can be cut and fit over the under gel part

  3. Tina Munson

    Helps alot for rubbing heels on my shoes. Only problem is they don’t stay very well where I put them.

  4. Gabby

    This is the most perfect relief for blisters, scrapes and hot spots on your feet and I imagine any small abrasion. It is cooling and soothing — it just feels wonderful. Easily cuttable down to smaller sizes, we would secure them with medical tape or band aids. However, I do not think it is a good idea to walk directly on these. They feel very slippery — like walking on gum or a gel stress ball — your foot will struggle to find purchase if you’re walking more than a few steps. We used them mostly after a long day of walking at Disney.UPDATE 3-25-23After grabbing a hot pan with my bare hand and yelling some expletives, I couldn’t find relief from anything except keeping my fingers on an ice pack which isn’t particularly practical to sleep. I also work with my hands and had to work the following day — so I was worried that my work would be impacted. I remembered I had these and in desperation put them on my throbbing fingertips. Voila. The solution. I was able to sleep with the pain greatly relieved. When I woke up, the patches had withered, having spent their moisture keeping my fingers cool overnight. I removed them and found I had had no blisters develop, despite grabbing a pan right out of the oven. I was able to work with no problems and no pain the next day — which is a huge relief but honestly I didn’t think the results would be this great! A must have for EVERY first aid kit!

  5. jack nash

    After my son told me my grandson had “burned the skin off his bat” i thought this would I told my grandson to put it where the skin needs to grow back and my son told me later my geandson was ysing it in his “johnson”

  6. John A Maddox

    Helps sooth and resolve blisters fast! So many in the pack we share with our team! Wear at night to sleep. Add ktape blister patch during the day and blisters are no longer stop or limit play.

  7. keva1022

    This product has honestly been a real lifesaver for me. I mean it doesn’t work 100% of the time, but it helps me better then mostly any other product that I’ve found for pain in my hands. But….. I have such severe pain in my hands, that it’s beyond normal. I have mixed connective tissue disease, and so many other issues. And I’ve tried everything and anything you could ever think of. Even homemade stuff. So I read this and thought ah you never know, but I may as well try it. Because my pain is all on my palms, there’s lumps, and inflammation. My fingers are swollen and my thumbs. I can’t open bottles, drive ect… so using this product what I do is take both sides of the stuff off until it’s all sticky, and put that sticky part on my hands where all the pain is (AKA, my entire hands/fingers) 😩Then, I put KT tape over that to hold it on good. Then on top of that I put my arthritis gloves on.Because the arthritis gloves alone do nothing. The KT tape with the gloves on top make the tape pull and kill my hands. And every single other thing in the world I’ve tried does zip, zero, zilch!And I mean still I am in severe pain but this does help. Some days maybe only 20%, other days sometimes 45-55%. But when you have pain like this (and people who have this pain, oh you know what I mean).You know that having that much relief means sooooooo much!!Now putting all of that on takes sometimes 20-30 minutes 🙁 it can be a process… especially when you have other pain in other areas to do things with, like me. And like most people with this type of pain. You usually have pain in other places, so it can be so tedious. So I understand. But it’s just a way I did learn to help relieve the pain a bit.Good luck everyone !

  8. karen liu

    These are a must have for blisters! I use these with medipore tape to hold in place. Beats the blister bandaids and is less expensive! Also love to have on hand for wounds!

  9. Wheels

    After many moons as a retired dancer I decided to go back since the quarantine 15 is real and I wanted to feel good about my health again. Day 1 of dance I clearly went too hard, could barely walk for like 4 days. My boyfriend actually laughed at me when I had to catch myself after standing up from the sofa, wobbling like a giant toddler learning to walk, and almost falling directly on my face. Needless to say, this was going to be rough. Day 2 of classes I take my shoes off and discover that all of the skin on my delicate, non-conditioned heels has been removed and is currently bleeding. Also my toes look like they would rather be sawed off than be placed back in my dance shoes for another go-round. That’s where these babies come in! After determining that band aids are useless and moleskin would just rip more of my delicate foot skin I decided to try these. Wow! The closest I can get to describing what these feel like is sitting on the beach and a particularly big wave comes in a little closer than expected but in a good way, so just your toes get wet and have momentary relief from the blazing sun and equally hot sand. Pure bliss. Anyway, these did not make my blisters go away but they sure did help my feet to feel better. Now I’m back at dance only looking like I’m dying every other week because getting back in shape is hard y’all!

  10. Jean

    I enjoyed the cooling feeling these had on my skin when i put them on. But i tried using them over a spot that got burned slightly from a quick second touch to hot glass. It did make my burn feel better, cooler, but it didn’t seem to heal any faster.Good for cooling comfort. Does not function like hydrocolloidal gel healing speeder uppers though.

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