CAMECO 1 PACK Ankle Heating Pad for Pain Relief Arthritis, Heating Pad for Ankle Pain Heated Foot Ankle Wrap for Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis | 86℉-158℉ Temp | 0-90Min Auto Shut Off

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Specific Uses For Product Plantar Fasciitis
Use for Feet
Age Range (Description) Adult
Color Black

  • 【Instant Ankle Pain Relief & Speed Up Recovery】CAMECO heated ankle wrap improves blood circulation, eliminating inflammation, reducing ankle swelling and pain from overuse or injury, and making the ankle heal faster. Suitable for sprain, arthritis, bursitis, heel spurs, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis and other foot related discomfort. Two elastic straps sewn into ankle heating pad wrap provide targeted pressure across the ankle and arch support to stabilize your ankle.
  • 【Double Adjustable X-Shape Compression Straps】CAMECO heated ankle support wrap is equipped with X-Shape compression straps to provide strong support and stability for the ankle tendons and joints. Ankle heating pad with compression straps will protect your ankle, providing targeted and adjustable compression on the heel, arch and ankle, allowing users to freely wrap and adjust it. CAMECO foot heating pad wrap is protective and preventative, suitable for strains, sprains, arthritis injury recover
  • 【Universal Size & Perfect for Men and Women】Heating pad for ankle is designed according to the ankle curve for a better fit. Made of adjustable X-shape compression straps, two-way adjustment to fit your ankle size & shape, ensuring comfort for all. Suitable for both men/women with left/right foot (arch circumference up to 15″). CAMECO ankle heating pad for pain relief design is simple and easy to use. X-Shape protection compression straps allow you to adjust the tightness and compression level.
  • 【AUTO SHUT OFF & Use with Confidence】A new integrated heating technology, uniform heat conduction, fast heating in seconds and maintain a constant temperature. Heated ankle brace features 86℉-158℉ temperature setting and 10-90min timer setting. AUTO SHUT OFF at a pre-set time, keeping you safe even if you drift off to sleep. CAMECO heated ankle wrap features an overheat protection, thermostat protection to provide permeating soothing heat and maintaining a preset temperature.
  • 【60 Days Money Back & Lifetime Replacement!】Unlike USB or battery heating pad, AC power heating pad heats up quickly and generate enough heat, solving the problem that other heating pads are not hot enough. Equipped with an extra-long 9.2ft power cord, it helps you easily connect to an outlet anywhere. If you are not completely satisfied with CAMECO heating pad for ankle pain, please contact us by “My Order-Contact the Seller” for a satisfactory solution at your service 24/7!

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Weight 14.07 kg
Dimensions 5.98 × 3.82 cm
Package Dimensions ‏

‎ 6.97 x 5.98 x 3.82 inches; 14.07 Ounces

Date First Available ‏

‎ June 21, 2023



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‎ China

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10 reviews for CAMECO 1 PACK Ankle Heating Pad for Pain Relief Arthritis, Heating Pad for Ankle Pain Heated Foot Ankle Wrap for Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis | 86℉-158℉ Temp | 0-90Min Auto Shut Off

  1. C.Ainsworth

    Love how warm it gets and how easy it is to control the temperature. Shipped fast and helps with sore feet! Love it pics are my feet in it! You can tighten it as well!

  2. West

    Maybe $20. It’s just a heating pad with Velcro for your foot. I can’t say that it even helped the problem.

  3. Deb Forstedt

    The product isn’t large enough to hold a man’s shoe size 12 or above. We did not find that information in the product description. Also, even at it’s warmest, it’s not very warm

  4. Stingingfork

    My knees after a workout in my yard have never felt so good after a warm shower and then applying these Cameco Knee Heating Pads. I first applied them over my pajama bottoms for the purpose of taking a picture of them in action although I’m sure the ultra-soft velveteen type of material is sufficient to apply them directly to my skin.After I plugged in the A and B Heating Pads with the cables leading out of the control unit I proceeded to plug in the extra long power cord (9+ feet long) and the heat was almost instantaneous, in a matter of seconds the temperature built up to the default temp of 122 degrees F.. The adjustable temperature range settings are between 86 degrees up to 158 degrees but personally I found the 122 degrees to be just the right temp for me. Also you can use the controller and set each pad to a different temperature if desired, I preferred to leave them at the same temperature. As far as the countdown timer the default is set at 30 minutes but can be adjusted up to 90 minutes or as low as 10 minutes but whatever time you set is the same for both pads. Once it finishes the countdown it shuts off automatically and if left plugged in to the outlet then it memorizes your last settings as I understand it and reinstates them the next time you turn the controller on but if you disconnect the plug from the outlet it will go back to default values for both the temps and the time for the next use. Also according to the Seller you could also use these on your elbows or shoulders to increase their functionality.I couldn’t find one thing about these Cameco Knee Heating Pads that I didn’t appreciate and how quickly they heated up was Amazing and right now with their discount coupon it makes getting this to keep around the house to help soothe those aching joints and muscles that much easier on the pocketbook. If you try these heating pads I believe you will just as impressed with their usefulness as I am and if not the Seller is offering a refund or replacement for a period of 30 days, so you have nothing to loose, except for some aches and pains…

  5. Odus

    As someone who doesn’t like their feet warm, I actually really liked these. I found them to be relieving and quite soothing which I only expected from icing. They get warm enough to almost put me to sleep. There are other designs out there that cover only the ankle or cover each foot individually. This one is more like a single sack where you slide both feet in. Depending on your preference, this one is an excellent choice. It is though pricey but the quality is not bad.

  6. John J

    This shoulder heating pad heats up fast and is made of soft material so you can put it directly against your skin. I had a little difficulty at first figuring out how to put it onto my shoulder. After trial and error and looking at the pictures in the instruction book, I finally figured it out. The only downside is that the description states the power cord is 8.9 ft long, where actually it is only 4.5 feet long. A little too short unless you are next to a power outlet.

  7. MsBathnBody

    I’m torn on this heated foot warmer. I love the timer and the concept, and I like how it feels so cozy with my feet bundled inside. However, there are a few things that keep me from being fully impressed with it. One, I’m petite and have short legs, so my calves start lower than on a normal-taller sized person, and the thickness of my calves versus being around someone’s thinner lower legs means that the opening is all ready at its limit and the cinching cord is useless while also being a bit uncomfortable (very possibly because I have chronic pain, but anything that constricts tends to be uncomfortable to irritating for even healthy people). I also wish it had a slightly more secure design. If used when laying down or reclining, it can feel a bit too hot on the back of the foot or heel, while the toes are still a bit chilled, due to how the heating is dispersed inside the warmer. It would be nice for it to be more versatile that it’s safe and comfortable to lay with it, since you’re more likely to be using it when you’re sick, your feet hurt, or you’re warming up, and people tend to curl up on the couch or bed when they feel those ways. The material is very soft and smooth, and the controller is incredibly user-friendly. It’s a really nice product and I think it would be great for most people; I personally feel it needs a few tweaks to earn a full fifth star.

  8. Melissa

    This worked great on ankle sprain i recently had. It kept my ankle feeling warm and nice and helped alleviate the pain to some extent. It is easy to put on and wear. The material feels so soft and comfortable. I find this ankle heating pad more effective than the regular flat rectangular heating pads because this one wraps around your ankle thereby covering more area and dispensing heat all around the ankle instead of just front or back of your feet. It has an auto shut off which i appreciate in devices like this. Overall this is a good heating pad that is quite effective for ankle pain.

  9. Travelingwarrior

    During the fall and winter my feet always get cold while I’m working at my desk, so I got this feet heating pad by CAMECO to keep my feet warm. My feet are a women’s size 6.5 and both my feet fit comfortably inside the heating pad.What I like:Can easily control all the setting using the remoteLong power cordThe cover is removable and machine washableHas multiple temperature and timer settingsHeats up quicklyWhat I don’t like:The cord that connects the controller to the heating pad is too short and depending on the position you’re using the heating pad in, it’s not easy to reach.

  10. linda heck

    Ar in my shoulders and it does not work

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