CAMECO 1 Pair Heating Pad for Feet Hallux Valgus Women & Men, Foot Heating Pad for Pain Relief with 10-90min Timer & 86℉-158℉ Temp Setting, Heating Pad foot Wrap for Bunion Pain Relief Foot Brace

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Special Feature Adjustable
Color Black

  • 【Bunion Relief Splints】CAMECO bunion correctors are here to help you. With bunion straighteners, you will have a comfortable experience and get maximum relief from bunion pain. Aluminum bars on the inside of the foot provide constant, gentle pressure to further align the big toe and slow the progression or formation of bunions. You are free to adjust the length of the elastic heel strap and tighten it. The elastic heel strap will ensure that the splint stays in one place to prevent sliding.
  • 【Day & Night Bunion Pain Relief 】CAMECO big toe straightener is designed to provide all-day care to relieve bunions, overlapping toes, turf toes, crooked hammer toes, arthritis, post-surgery discomfort and other foot problems. It minimizes friction, pressure and inflammation, providing overall bunion pain relief. Toe straighteners works by supporting and gently adjusting the hallux vulgus contraction to reduce pain in the big toe and gently pushing them back into the correct position over time.
  • 【Upgraded Electronic Heated Bunion Corrector】CAMECO big toe straighteners for hallux valgus are an entirely new design with added heating feature. Package includes 2 upgraded bunion correctors with heel strap. Bunion splints are usually caused by genetic factors, life factors, and foot disease. Heating therapy promotes blood circulation to remove blood stasis, relaxing tense muscles, relieving much of the pain. Large heating area wraps the foot to eliminate the pain of big toe bunions.
  • 【AUTO SHUT-OFF & Use with Confidence】A new integrated heating technology, uniform heat conduction, fast heating in seconds. Heated foot braces feature 86℉-158℉ temp setting and 10-90min timer. AUTO SHUT-OFF at a pre-set time, keeping you safe even if you drift off to sleep. CAMECO heated foot wraps feature overheat protection, countdown, thermostat protection to provide permeating soothing heat and maintain a pre-set temp. Universal size (US 5-13) for both left and right feet for men and women.
  • 【60 Days Money Back & 365 Days Free Replacement】CAMECO foot braces focus on relieving your discomfort, pain and inflammation caused by bunions. Great gift for men, women, parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues and patients with big toe hallux valgus. If you are not satisfied with our bunion toe corrector for any reason, please contact us by “My Order–Contact the Seller” for a satisfactory solution (REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND) at your service 24/7! You can feel comfortable to buy and use.
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 cm
Package Dimensions ‏

‎ 9 x 5 x 4 inches; 2 Pounds

Date First Available ‏

‎ May 25, 2023


‎ B0C69GR6B6

Country of Origin ‏

‎ China

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10 reviews for CAMECO 1 Pair Heating Pad for Feet Hallux Valgus Women & Men, Foot Heating Pad for Pain Relief with 10-90min Timer & 86℉-158℉ Temp Setting, Heating Pad foot Wrap for Bunion Pain Relief Foot Brace

  1. cinereous

    This heating pad bunion corrector feels great on my feet. I can’t comment on whether or not it fixes bunions, as I haven’t used it long enough. (Medical advice suggests only surgery will correct bunions.)It heats fast! It will get hot spots where it overlaps itself. These can be uncomfortably hot. Definitely over 158°F. It takes it a little while (10 min), but eventually the aluminum bar can get especially warm. Great for sore feet, but maybe wear socks or turn down the temperature.I did notice a chemical-y warm plastic smell when I first used it. Only the first time though, not during later uses.The backlight on the dual temperature control models is very bright white and cannot be turned off. It will light up a dark room. If you’re considering taking a nap with these on, you might consider the single temperature control model instead.I like this heated bunion corrector and it seems well constructed. At $60, it does seem overly expensive however.

  2. Luke & Sarah

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a credentialed pediatrist that will tell you that this will help correct your bunions. Thus, I find that the advertising is misleading and cannot rate it 5 starts. However, if you buy this planning to use it as a foot warmer or a device that can help ease foot pain, you’ll be happy.The controller has a great interface that is very intuitive to use. The pads heat VERY quickly, which is awesome when you need some quick relief. Is the temperature reading accurate? Not across the whole pad, but the thermocouple (temp sensor) is probably placed right along a heating element so at least it should be accurate at the source.The pads are a little confusing to put on at first but once you get the hang of it, putting them on is quick. They fit my wife well (US Women’s 7). They technically fit on me (US Men’s 13), but I wouldn’t recommend anything over a M9/W10 for best results. You can remove the metal plate on the side which is nice for those who want the best contact with their feet.If you buy these with the right expectations, they have their place. I think they are a tad expensive for a fancy foot warmer, but they are a decent product that is effective in specific applications.

  3. Northwest Native

    If you have bunions that need correcting, see a doctor, as this won’t fix your bunions, but it will provide pain relief and comfort. These are also good to use for circulation improvement and if you have cold feet. In the winter I have trouble falling asleep because my feet are cold, so using this before bed will be helpful.Minus one star for the instruction booklet which isn’t clear or helpful.

  4. TK

    This CAMECO heating pad bunion corrector is absolutely perfect!! My bunions were always there, and trying on shoes were a nightmare. As well my bunions really affect the way I walk sometimes. After using this, everything is better! The support is like no other and feels very nice! The pads heat up really quickly and does well! This was very easy and convenient to operate! I really enjoy the control pad I can use to select temperature and auto timing to my preference! I love how this basically can fit about all shoe sizes! The heat is very soothing I almost fell asleep! I already see improvements and results! I am so excited to see in the future for more results! Overall I am very impressed and satisfied!!

  5. Michelle’s

    These heating pads arrived very quickly. Took a bit to figure out how to use properly. The instruction book that came with it is kind of confusing. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy. I do not in any way think heat will cure bunions but it does feel good especially for those with poor circulation to the feet.

  6. Chuck

    They are very comfortable when put on. The heat feels great and you can control the temp for each foot. The metal bar helps hold my toe straight and I found that after a week my to is actually staying straighter. I did have issues getting them on at first. Couldn’t figure out which foot was which but after a few times putting them on it’s not an issue.

  7. Lizzie

    These are difficult to figure out how to get on. While they do offer some relief for sore feet, they’re not going to fix your bunions. They’re okay foot warmers though.

  8. Olynomad

    I have one foot issue after another and my feet run cold so I got this and I’m pretty darn happy with it. The instruction book was a little confusing because it covers all of their products but we figured out how to get it on. Quality is good and it does provide good warmth and relief. No issues at all with quality or function.

  9. Lindsey

    I’m in my 30s but I do have a small arthritis problem & what seems to be a bunion gradually forming. I do a lot of walking & by the end of the day my feet can be pretty sore. The problem is made worse unless I’m wearing super supportive sneakers which isn’t always feasible so I wanted to try these.It took me a minute to figure out how to put them on. A manual is included with step-by-step pictures but they also show all of their other products. For a second I thought they were displaying different ways this specific set could be used but it becomes quickly obvious that’s not the case. You first secure your big toe & after doing that I didn’t see how this product is supposed to “correct” a bunion, but after you secure the velcro around the middle, you can adjust the heal strap which brings your toe to the correct position.I found the support itself to be very comfortable but the pads heat up incredibly quick as well. You can adjust the left & right side temperatures individually up to 158 degrees. The temperature adjusts rapidly in either direction. The timer can be set in 5 minute increments up to 90 minutes. The remote is very easy to understand & use.I thought these heating pads may be kind of gimmicky or something I’d use infrequently but I’ve used them everyday since they’ve arrived. They do provide some real relief & I love how they comfortably realign your toe into the proper position. I have tried other adjustment type products but I’ve found every one to be moderately painful to wear after a short time.I did think the price point seemed on the higher side ($59.99 at the time of this review) but perhaps the fact they’re specifically designed for bunions justifies that. I have seen similar products but none of them isolated specific toes or had splinting like this one. If it actually does correct the issue it would absolutely be worth it & then some. I think it’s too soon to know if these will have a lasting impact, the listing did show a graphic depicting improvement over a 3 month span so if I find they’ve made a significant difference (one way or the other) I’ll update my review accordingly.

  10. Lala

    Works okay. The heat temperature is not that strong but still works.

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