Dr. Scholl’s Clear Away Wart Remover Plantar 24 ea (Pack of 2)

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Brand Dr. Scholl’s
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6 x 6 x 10 inches
Product Benefits Allergy Control
Specific Uses For Product Allergy
Active Ingredients Acetaminophen

  • For the removal of plantar warts.
  • Clinically proven removal.
  • Cushioning pad relieves pain when you walk.
  • 24 Medicated Discs, 24 Cushioning Pads.
  • Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid.
  • The plantar wart is recognized by its location only on the bottom of the foot, its tenderness, and the interruption of the footprint pattern. Do not use on moles, birthmarks, warts.
  • Human OTC Drug, Topical. NDC: 73469-0631

Product Description

Uses: For the removal of plantar warts. The plantar wart is recognized by its location only on the bottom of the foot, its tenderness, and the interruption of the footprint pattern. *This product is NOT a topical product that makes claims to treat or remove moles and/or skin tags. Warning: Do not use if you are a diabetic, if you have poor blood circulation, on irritated skin or any area that is infected or reddened, on moles, birthmarks, warts with hair growing from them, genital warts, or warts on the face or mucous membranes. (Human OTC Drug, Topical. NDC:73469-0631)

Important information


Active Ingredient – Purpose: Salicylic Acid 40% – Wart Remover. Inactive Ingredients: Antioxidant (CAS 991-84-4), Iron Oxides, Mineral Oil, Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resin, Silicon Dioxide, Synthetic Polyisoprene Rubber, Talc.

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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Weight 2.12 kg
Dimensions 6 × 10 cm
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 6 x 6 x 10 inches; 2.12 Ounces

Date First Available ‏

‎ July 11, 2016


‎ B01IAI12TQ

Manufacturer ‏

‎ Bayer Consumer, Dr. Scholl's

14 reviews for Dr. Scholl’s Clear Away Wart Remover Plantar 24 ea (Pack of 2)

  1. SDR

    Easy to use, painless and it really works! In less that two weeks when I pulled of the little patch the wart came with it. It was a below the skin plantar to more challenging to treat.

  2. M. Lee

    When compound w wasn’t available I had to get this for planters foot. Been using the other brand multiple times and thought that was the best, was I wrong. You walk around all the time and there is so much movement/ pressure where I had to use medical tape to keep it from sliding around. With Dr. scholls no movement whatsoever, even on workouts, running, and heavy foot impact. Perhaps it’s the ‘bandaid-like’ texture vs. other brand is smooth. Also the stickiness is much stronger. What’s also nice is this is in 2 parts. I thought the salcidic acid in the small dot was not enough, but honestly compared to the other one where it’s a huge area, it’s really not needed and you end up burning off more skin that needed. It’s also not possible to add more dots to the larger bandaid since that it’s super sticky and by that 48 hours you have to replace he whole thing anyway. I would replace every 24-36hrs to have the full effect. 48hrs is just too long, medicine is worn off by that time anyway and even with daily showers the stickiness wears off.All in all even though it’s the first plantars removed, this would be my go to just for the fact that I don’t have to use extra tape to keep in place. After a good run or walking around all day compound w is smooshed everywhere, gross, spread too much, and well this is better.

  3. Beth Crawford

    Had a planter wart crop up under my little toe. Used these for a week and no longer felt like I was stepping on a thumb tack!

  4. Gabriella

    These work, but the adhesive—depending on where the item is placed— may wear out. You may need to place medical tape around the area to secure the patch.

  5. Oceanlakes

    Might wk for you, i used over a month everyday and still have the wart…

  6. Gary

    I have used several versions of planters wart disks, and I prefer the Dr. Scholl’s version. They seem to work better. This time around, I couldn’t find them in stock at CVS or Walgreens.The pads stay in place well. However, they are uncomfortable on certain places of my foot – heel and ball. For those areas, I use the small disks and a waterproof foam tape to cover them. Something like Nexcare Absolute Waterproof First Aid Tape.Be patient. It sometimes takes months to get fully rid of planters warts.

  7. Jennifer Carpenter

    I’ve been using these since I was a kid whenever a wart pops up. My daughter got her first wart and had to get some! This is the only things I’ve ever had work to completely remove a wart!

  8. Stan

    I’ve used these before and they’re a very good and easy to use product. My order arrived on time with no problems and I’m satisfied.

  9. Linda Holbert

    It woks

  10. Laila E.

    This really works. It burns a little though but worth getting rid of those painful warts. If you catch early you can get rid of one in a week of wearing these

  11. Mohammed N.


  12. Rachel

    Wouldnt stay in the spot I put it. Fell off quickly.

  13. Marietta Markley

    Did not work.

  14. D.G.

    I have never had plantar warts, and for the life of me I can’t understand how I could have gotten them if I don’t go barefoot anywhere. This product works, using less than I thought I would need.

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