Extra Strength Toenail Fungus Treatment For Toenail Or Fingernail, Nail Repair Solution, Nail Renewal Liquid For Damaged & Discoloration Nail(1oz)

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Item Form Drop
Item Weight 1 Ounces
Liquid Volume 30 Milliliters
Specialty Damaged,Fungus,Growth,Healthy,Repair

  • Repair & Renew – It can radically repair damaged nails, such as nail discoloration, nail thickening, nail splitting, nail crumbling
  • Fast & Effective – It can help you repair bad nails faster, and grow new and healthy nails
  • Easy to Use – You just soak the nail with warm water to soften it, use a nail file to repair the nail, then use the brush applicator to pick up the right amount of liquid to apply to the nail easily
  • Easy to Use – You just soak the nail with warm water to soften it, use a nail file to repair the nail, then use the brush applicator to pick up the right amount of liquid to apply to the nail easily
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1.73 × 1.69 cm
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‎ 3.7 x 1.73 x 1.69 inches; 1 Ounces


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14 reviews for Extra Strength Toenail Fungus Treatment For Toenail Or Fingernail, Nail Repair Solution, Nail Renewal Liquid For Damaged & Discoloration Nail(1oz)

  1. M. Halp

    I had horrible nail fungus from going to a new nail salon for acrylics. They women did not fix a lifted nail and sealed it with water inside so this is what happened.I’ve been getting acrylics for over 15 years and never had this happen so safe to say I was freaked.I got this and prayed for the best. The first three pictures are all one week apart and the last picture is after 6 weeks. It’s almost gone!I did it every morning and night then sometime randomly when I felt like it after I washed my hands. It is not just nail growth, it actually worked. Very please with the results!Only down side is it is a tad stinky and when I traveled with it the bottle spilled. Thank goodness I had it in a ziplock.

  2. Veronica

    I was very hesitant to buy this for my mom due to her having developed a fungal infection on her toenail. She was very optimistic that the fungal nail renewal was going to help her restore her nail after struggling with other over the counter fungal topicals. She followed the instructions precisely on a daily basis and slowly but surely it started to get better and better. By the time she was done with the bottle her toenail went back to looking and feeling back to normal. She was pleasantly surprised and very happy with the results this Dr. Luke product gave her. Now we definitely recommend it to everyone who struggles with fungal nails infection this product Actually Works!!

  3. Mp

    This product has an obvious vinegar smell but it absolutely works! There was a moment where I missed a couple of days and I could really tell that I had stopped using it.. you absolutely have to soak your toes and clean them extremely well atleast once a week. This is my progress. Still a long ways to go, but looks and feels way better than before! About to purchase round 2.

  4. Eric Fan

    So I recently purchased this for my mom and she’s been using it for the last two weeks. She said slowly she did see progress so just be patient

  5. Stacie Twitchell

    These photos were taken six months apart. My nail still isn’t perfect, but it isn’t embarrassing anymore. I had a doctor tell me that I would likely have to have my toenail removed to get rid of the fungus and I used this product as a last resort. I’m glad I did!I think that using the product as directed and being consistent was key. Having gritty files on hand was helpful too.

  6. surinder singh

    I have had this product for about a month now and I’m starting to see the results. It’s very minimum, but I think it’s working.

  7. Randall Grubbs

    Stick with it. Don’t stop using after two or three applications. Use it until fungi’s is gone

  8. Claudia Amarillas

    I liked the product because it did the job, the only thing I didn’t like is that it took a couple of months before I started seeing results. I was consistent with application, and filing the diseased nail as directed in the instructions. I am going on month 3 and I am barely starting to see how the dark nail is going away. I don’t have pictures of how it looked before, but it was dark and purple. Like when you injure a nail and you have blood underneath the nail, but I knew no trauma was done to my pinky toe nail. Point to the story is, it works, but you have to be patient and consistent.

  9. Surviving

    I have been using this for a while now and IT ACTUALLY WORKS! You have to keep up on it 2x a day, BUT you actually start seeing actual healthy, pink nail growth!I’ve tried almost everything out there trying to get my toenails cleared up, over the counter, home remedies, etc…. all with no luck. This is the first product to actually work and start showing healthy nail growth. I can’t wait until my whole nail is grown out healthy!Don’t wait, just buy it!

  10. Almost

    Tengo como 15 días usando este producto lo compré por los excelentes comentarios y si me está ayudando lo aplico dos veces al día mañana y noche y quiero seguir así constante mi problema está en mis dos dedos gordos del pie nunca en mi vida había tenido un problema así y dicen que aveces tiene uno que ser paciente así que así estoy luego pondré una foto de antes y después lo prometo estoy positiva el frasco es de gran tamaño y tiene un excelente precio

  11. Yuan-Lee Thorpe

    Man i applied this to both my toes and in two days i saw a huge difference in shade of nail. By day 6 with conistent filing before applying, it was gone…First day you should file your nail thin but not all the way. It burns when the nail is really thin fyi or if u put too much. But if you gradually thin it out over some days and get closer to the fungus base you will see a change! I put it on at night after i showered and put a little bit on the cotton of a bandaid and let it dry as long as possible before knocking out. ( i would also put some of the liquid directly on the toes).Hope this helps, 2 weeks after i was actually happy to look at my feet again!

  12. Jae

    Seems to be working, it’s my first week with it. I’m seeing results.

  13. Italiano7998

    Definitely a happy customer! I give five stars! After extensive research and use of many OTC products, Dr. Luke by far is the most effective! May have an unpleasant odor, however, I must say, I am quite pleased with the outcome so far. I highly suggest purchasing and utilizing as advised. Believe it or not, amongst use of Dr. Luke, I used another product called Olive Miracle that consists of olive and tea tree oil while it accommodated in healing and repair as well.

  14. David Thomas

    I have struggled with toenail fungus on my feet for years. This is the first product to work for me! It’s important to file your nails or buy a small Dremel to take some of the surface off your nail, and then paint on the liquid – within 6 weeks I was noticing new healthy nail growing in, and now just past 2 months, my toes are almost fungus free. So excited!!

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