Foot & Ankle Pain Relief Hot/Cold Gel Wrap – Effectively Relieve Foot and Ankle Aches & Pains Using Compression Gel Ankle Ice Pack Wrap – Heated or Cooled, Targets All Areas of Ankle & Foot – Large

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Brand Treat My Feet
Age Range (Description) Adult
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  • Ankle Ice Pack Wrap : Approved by medical and sports professionals for its effectiveness at relieving all types of muscular, ligament and joint foot pain.
  • Custom Fit Foot Ice Pack : adjustable straps allow for comfortable fit, yet tight hold to keep heat or cold direct to source of pain for quicker relief.
  • Easy To Use : Simply pop foot wrap into microwave or hot water, or into freezer. Gel can easily switch between temperatures and will retain heat or cold for extended periods – no mess!
  • Effective Foot Ice Pack Wrap For Many Conditions including arthritis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and other ailments associated with sport or simply use for tired and swollen feet.
  • Don’t Let Pain Keep You From Your Daily Life : durable, reusable therapeutic compression wrap can be used for fast recovery from one-off injuries or for recurrent conditions. Handy for every first aid box.

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Weight 2.36 kg
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‎ 12.68 x 6.02 x 2.01 inches; 2.36 Pounds

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‎ unisex-adult

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‎ December 22, 2017


‎ B078KP3FLL

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‎ China

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‎ Treat My Feet

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Foot & Ankle Pain Relief Hot/Cold Gel Wrap – Effectively Relieve Foot and Ankle Aches & Pains Using Compression Gel Ankle Ice Pack Wrap – Heated or Cooled, Targets All Areas of Ankle & Foot – Large

  1. Jacqueline

    Due to my physically demanding job and sports I’m always coming home with minor strains, aches, tendonitis. This product helps a ton to get me back on my feet, ultimately eliminating the pain. Use it either cold or hot. Just make sure to put a sock on if you put in microwave as it gets really hot depending on microwave wattage

  2. Nicholas Thompkins

    I shopped around for a full foot ice/hot pack. Ended up ordering this. For reference, I am a Mens size 9.5/10, and I ordered the Large. My toes stick out a hair, but in general, it wraps my entire foot pretty much flawlessly. I’m glad I didn’t get the Small like others suggested. Only thing I had to do was cut one of the velcro string because it was really long – took two seconds, and was merely an aesthetic thing, not functionality. It gets cold really quick, and stays cold for a very long time.Heating it took a little more effort. It said 30 seconds on each side, but it took a lot longer than this… The heat distribution was kind of off. I had to wiggle it/knead the brace to distribute the heat properly, and I did notice some sections of the wrap warmer than others. With a little bit of playing around I think i have it figured out now. The only other downside is that once i froze it and started wearing it the condensation dripped some liquid. Nothing too crazy, and after reading reviews of ten other products, I just assume this is a normal thing, rather than a “con”. I just put a towel underneath and i’m good to go. Also, wear a sock for sure, this thing is frigid icy. All in all the fit is fantastic, and it really does help alot!!

  3. Rotnpep

    I have an achilles tendon sprain so I needed a wrap that didn’t have the hole in the back where the achilles tendon is (which most wraps I’ve seen on Amazon do). Upon getting it I was hoping that it would fit perfect. I wear a size 9-10 in women’s shoes so based on the reviews here I purchased both a small and a large. The small was barely able to wrap around with the velcro and half my foot stuck out the end. The large was decent as it was able to wrap around my entire foot HOWEVER my foot wouldn’t stay in the back of the wrap to be effective on the back part of my heel. The first time I used it I put it in the freezer for a few hours and the gel inside was pliable. I put it back in the freezer and didn’t need it again for a week or so and when I pulled it out, the gel inside was frozen solid. I had to wait for it to thaw out before I could even put it on. Even with a sock on, it was extremely cold and I had to take it off. I have a cheap gel ice pack I got from Walmart that I keep in the freezer all the time and stays pliable so I was hoping this would too. But it will do for now until I find another one that fits better with gel that remains pliable even after being put in the freezer for any length of time. Wish they would make a medium size as others have stated because it’s either too small or too large. But for having entire coverage on the foot except for the gel freezing solid, it’s decent. It’s easy to put on and comfortable once strapped on, but I gave 3 stars for the gel freezing solid.

  4. Kirt Goines

    Ankle injury

  5. Amazon Customer

    Bought this to try out, have had multiple problems with my feet and ankles (Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome) and used the regular ice/gel packs for a while now and for me they never worked well in trying to get the coverage over my ankles. I came across this one while looking for something better, and what an amazing difference, they cover the entire foot and are easy to use, the results were great, alot less pain and discomfort, feet felt great afterwards. Another thing I noticed is that the velcro is top notch and works well compared to other products I have bought off amazon which are usually pretty cheap and don’t hold up to daily use, not so with this product the velcro is very strong and durable. Also I am not being paid or given anything for this review


    The longest lasting cold application so helpful for my constant neuropathy and when it is worse right after and during my chemo treatments.

  7. JaclynTurner

    While the Gel Wrap is intended to velcro together to make a boot shape around your foot, I used it more often just laying flat. My back and upper thigh get very tight and painful, and I find that heat works best to alleviate the pain. I have a heating pad, but it only covers one area, usually my back, leaving my thigh to deal with the pain longer. With the help of the Gel Wrap, I can use the pad on my back, and the gel wrap on my thigh. Double the relief!!The Gel Wrap is easy to use, just like the Boot Wrap was. For cold, throw it in the freezer for about 2 hours before use (or before you head out to exercise!). For heat, make sure the wrap is at room temperature FIRST. If so, pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds wrapped up in a paper towel. If it is not hot enough for you, heat in 10 second intervals. I was usually happy with the 30-40 second range, warm enough to ease my sore muscles without being too hot.

  8. David

    I have been using this post leg/ankle surgery for a couple weeks now and I just came back to order a second! it’s the best icing solution I’ve found for me. It gets and stays super cold for quite a long while, and the few times I tried it heated it worked really well too! For size reference I am a US size 15 and ordered a large, it covers my whole foot minus my toes which all stick out without any cover, the ice pack part just wraps completely over my foot and ankle with no overlap, the straps would accommodate more for someone with super wide feet or ankles but the ice pack wouldn’t cover some spots, hope that helps.

  9. DawnMarie

    The thought of making another ice pack to put on my elevated foot is an awful feeling, because they never stay on. They always slip off, and it’s annoying. I recently came across a product, that was music to my ears. A foot and ankle gel wrap, for heat or cold compresses. It stays on the foot and it gets the entire area. No rotation of an ice pack. For ice, you put the pack in the freezer for at least 2 hours. For the heat, you wrap it in a wet paper towel and heat in the microwave for up to 45 seconds. It’s all one unit, no need to take out ice packs and put them back in when you need to use it. To clean you just wipe the whole area down. It’s a great product! I am so glad I came across it, and it’s durable, so I know I will be able to use it for years to come.#treatmyfeet#excellentproduct

  10. The Cruz Experience

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     I have had chronic pain and swelling of my ankle for almost 5 months lost ankle sprain. I hated having to fill plastic bags with ice every night and stumbled upon this product. It’s super easy to use, the gel packs cover my entire foot and ankle and is very comfortable. I always put on a long sock with thick material before I use the boot to avoid burning the skin. The only disappointment was that I ordered a small and received a large. Regardless, it works abs I’m happy with the purchase.

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