FUNGINIX Healthy Nail Formula – Finger And Toe Fungus Treatment, Made In USA, Foot Fungus Treatment, Extra Strength Antifungal (1 Bottle)

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  • ELIMINATE FUNGUS – Our unique formula kills the fungus that infects nails by penetrating and absorbing into the skin around each infected nail.
  • POWERFUL FORMULA – Compare our ingredient list to any other nail treatment and you will see for yourself that Funginix is the most complete solution.
  • WE STAND BY FUNGINIX – We think Funginix is a fantastic product but if you aren’t satisfied, simply contact our customer support team for a full refund.
  • HOW TO USE – Apply Funginix to the skin at the base of the cuticle and at the edge of each infected nail twice daily. Allow the solution five minutes to absorb.
  • NATURAL, SAFE & EFFECTIVE – Our powerful formula is an extremely effective finger and toe fungus treatment and has no side effects.

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Apply to the cuticle and skin around the edge of each infected nail twice daily.

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‎ 4.61 x 4.33 x 1.69 inches; 1.06 Ounces

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‎ January 6, 2018



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‎ Sisquoc Healthcare, FUNGINIX

14 reviews for FUNGINIX Healthy Nail Formula – Finger And Toe Fungus Treatment, Made In USA, Foot Fungus Treatment, Extra Strength Antifungal (1 Bottle)

  1. P. Smith

    Toenail fungus is just HARD to get rid of. You have to be diligent, and patient, and use more than one strategy at once. It gets very dug-in under a hard nail!I have 3 affected toes on one foot, 24 years. Pinkie first, middle toe followed a year or two later, then the 4th toe joined in a few years after that. All the rest of my toes are fine. I’ve tried vinegar soaks (yes helps), tea tree oil (yes helps), urea-style toenail thinner liquid (yes helps), coconut oil (not sure but messy so I stopped). After vinegar soaks, the nail softens; I take that opportunity to clip down the excess nail as far as I can. (The clippers I use on infected toes I NEVER use on clear toes, and vice versa. I soak the clippers I use on infected toes in vinegar, then let them dry.) Those are the backdrop strategies to my use of this product.I used this product for a full year, EVERY morning and night. I did vinegar soaks/clip-downs from time to time, to thin and roughen the nail surface, and to acidify the matrix periodically.At the end of the year, my 4th toe (the last to succumb) has grown out PERFECTLY and is a regular nail again! The other two on either side, not so much. I have them clipped down to almost nothing, but they still grow in at the cuticle already yellowish and thick.Conclusion: I think my 4th toe — that has come in looking normal after using this product for a year — had a kind of fungus that THIS product’s undecyclenic acid could kill. I think the other 2 toes have a different kind of fungus that undecyclenic acid just doesn’t touch, so it’s not the fault of this product that it didn’t work on them. I’ve now swapped to another liquid product that uses tolnaftate as its fungus-killer (putting it on all 3 toes to keep the clear 4th toe from being reinfected). Maybe that will be the right weapon for those toenails. I gave this product 4 stars because steady use of it over a year GENUINELY made a difference to the one toenail that it could help!

  2. Ronald B.

    Still in process but seems to be getting my nails clearer. It’s been about a month so far.

  3. R. A. Barkley

    It takes patience and methodical application, but there is now a healthy nail where an afflicted one was before. Product does work.

  4. V.V

    This is my second review. I did my first review after 6 months of using this funginix and I se some people that they say it works for 2 weeks or 1 month that’s not true.I’m using now from 14 months twice a day and still I can’t wear sandals because it’s too thick I don’t see any fungus though and the nail it’s all clean white and pink I don’t like the thick par that it doesn’t go away. this is the only product that works so far I just wish it’s not that expensive I do use 1 bottle every two months

  5. Peter Pittman

    Improves nail appearance in short weeks. It’s not a magic cure but after steady use it conditions the nail and seems to prevent advancement of the condition. No new growth as my affected nail grows out. Recommended.

  6. Robert in Georgetown

    Do not expect this to work or even show big improvements after just a week or two of use if you’ve had toenail fungus for months or years.I have had a couple brown toenails on each foot for over 10 years. The VA tried to treat it with a topical med. Didn’t work. I can’t take oral meds for it, and even if I could it still takes up to 6 months to show improvement, and longer to eliminate the fungus.It’s been a little over 3 weeks that I has used this, and I am starting to see improvement. Lucky for me, my nails grow very fast.I use this product 2 times a day. After I shower in the morning, and after at night.You need to use the applicator attached to the top of the bottle, and put a small amount under your nail, a small amount at the bed of the nail, where it grows out of your toe or finger, and wipe a small amount at both sides of the nail. It doesn’t need to be a large amount, just enough to wet the nail. Be consistent with the twice a day application.You can’t expect something you’ve had for months or years to be good in a few weeks.And change those filthy socks every day.

  7. Amazonite

    Like many others who endure the eternal nail fungus, I’ve tried everything (except for Emoninail which is overpriced). This product, Funginix, does kill fungus, but only on contact. It is not able to penetrate the nail or the cuticle. So, even when applying this product as directed (twice a day, to the skin around the nail as well as the nail), the fungus is still able to live a long, happy, productive life under the nail. No matter how many times I grind away the infected nail, the fungus lives on. The fungus laughs at the fancy graphic the seller made of medicine getting under the nail and attacking the fungus.

  8. Tracy

    I loved this product. Ive purchased 2 more. For over 10 years, I’ve had fungi on my big toe that I haven’t been able to get rid off. My nail wasn’t growing and was looking greenish. Been using this for about two months and I am suprised at the results. My nail is growing normally and the green is gone. Because of how my nails were looking so bad I had acrylics on them. I applied the solution under acrylic and on my cuticle and it still work. My nail grew so healthy under the acrylic. So if you have acrylics on your nails you can still use this product. I would purchase this over and over again .

  9. Mr. HappyToes

    I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks, and I am pretty satisfied with the preliminary results. I’ve struggled for years, and finally found something great. I apply 1 when I wake and wait 5mins before putting my socks and work boots. My second application is after work and showering. I recommend 1000000000%. I expect to have full healthy nails in April 2024. Thank you 🙏!

  10. Pab

    I don’t think this product actually gets rid of visible toe fungus. What it seems to do is stop any fungus growth from spreading to the nail as the nail grows. I’ve used for a month or so and the new nail growth is not infected. Takes a while. Directions say to wash your toes and apply 2X per day. I have been rubbing a good amount of hand sanitizer on my toes, let it dry, then apply product. Seems to work. There a lot of different kinds out there which look the same (label name), but I think this one works. Got to be patient.

  11. George Parker

    Good Network as well as expected

  12. Dan Gilmore

    I went to the doctor several times about this and was prescribed oral medication and topical medication. After a few years I was still having an issue. I ordered this product and I am glad I did. Nails are looking better. No signs of active fungus. Now I’m just waiting for the nails to grow out. Try it yourself and hopefully you’ll be as pleased as I am.

  13. Tim

    I have tried a number of products, and each of them for at least six months. I’ve used this one, and I have noticed improvement in a week and it continues to improve daily. I am actually amazed.

  14. Savannah S.

    I’m sorry for not having a before/after picture – but I had a quickly developing fungus problem with my foot since about November of 2021 (now it’s June 2022).At work, I was always cold, and my heater was pointed on my legs, my feet would sweat most days in the same shoes, so even changing socks was not enough to prevent fungal issues.Once the fungus had started to penetrate and make home within the deep layers of my skin, and I knew I was in trouble. I was plucking at my feet what felt like every day for a while and it was so painful.I started some techniques in January. I had tried washing my feet. Nope. I had tried putting oils on my feet, it helped a little, but the oils didn’t dry quickly and this wasn’t helpful in between my toes.I had also bought an anti-fungal body wash for the shower and was washing my feet every day for two months. It wasn’t fixing the problem, but it gave me some relief. At some point my nails were still becoming cracked/misshapen, and a large rash was forming on both feet (spreading) across at least 3-4 inches of my foot, even filling with some fluid/pus that was itchy and I knew I was going to have to do more. I ordered this seeing a lot of really good reviews/pictures of the results so I decided to try.Y’all. After about 2 months, my problems are completely clear, I have no more rash/fungus/discoloration on any part of my feet.And while it didn’t say you could use this directly on skin – it is an extremely gentle formula and using it around the affected nails and between/around the affected toes really helped remove all sources of fungus that were on my feet.The solution did not dry out my skin, and instead kept it feeling soft. The only discoloration that remains on my feet is some white on my nails, but because I was able to stop the problems at the source so quickly, they seem to be growing more normal lately. Hopefully they can return completely to normal eventually.I am so grateful for relief on both of my feet and I am so happy I only needed half a bottle to do it. And now I’ll have some extra solution for maintenance. To be on the safe side, I still put it on my “affected” toes twice per week, and I still use my foot wash at least every other time I shower.HIGHLY recommend for people suffering from persistent toe and foot fungus. However, you may need to incorporate washes or other methods for quickest results.

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