Nail Fungus Treatment for Toenail, Toenail Fungus Treatment: Fungus Nail Treatment For Toenail & Fingernails, Toe Nail Fungus Treatment Extra Strength, for Athletes Foot, Discolored or Damaged Nails

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Brand Hello Sunshine
Item Form Nail Fungus Treatment
Specialty Damaged,Fungus,Healthy,Strengthening
Number of Items 1
Unit Count 1.00 Fl Oz

  • Advanced Nail Fungus Treatment: A Cutting-Edge Solution for Nail Fungus Treatment for Toenail – This innovative approach combines the power of science and natural ingredients to effectively eliminate fingernail and toenail fungus, targeting the area both under and around the nail.
  • Safe & Reliable: Our formula for toenail fungus treatment is not only potent and highly effective in treating fingernail and toenail fungus, but it is also completely safe with no reported side effects. Experience the effectiveness of our nail fungus treatment for toenails.
  • Potent Formulation: By gently loosening the damaged layers, this powerful formula unveils smoother, healthier-looking nails, visibly reducing discoloration and thickness. Additionally, it nourishes and exfoliates brittle nails, enhancing their overall appearance.
  • Nail Strengthening: This nail fungus treatment extra strength treatment eliminates damaged layers, facilitating the restoration of your nails to their natural, healthy state, effectively combating various degrees of toenail fungus.
  • User-Friendly Application: Our remedy is easy to use. Apply it to the skin at the base of the cuticle and along the edges of each infected nail 2-3 times daily. Allow the solution to absorb for five minutes for optimal results.

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‎ Hello Sunshine

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14 reviews for Nail Fungus Treatment for Toenail, Toenail Fungus Treatment: Fungus Nail Treatment For Toenail & Fingernails, Toe Nail Fungus Treatment Extra Strength, for Athletes Foot, Discolored or Damaged Nails

  1. D. Cinelli

    I think this is going to work! After only 3 days, I notice a difference in my nail color. But soaking your feet for 5 minutes in a pan or bowl is a pain in the butt for me so only 3 stars for that, 5 for everything else. I also switched from drying off with a washcloth (contaminated?) to using paper towels.About the brushes, clippers, nail file, etc. – SOAKING ALL OF THAT FOR 30 MINUTES IN ALCOHOL KILLS TOENAIL FUNGUS. I was at numerous sites and that’s the consensus. I was happy to see that because using Q-tips wasn’t for me. As an extra tip, (this is up to you, I’m not an expert or a doctor) my little dog has a fungal skin infection. She gets chlorhexdine baths and I use Veterinary Formula Antiseptic & Antifungal Spray (also from Amazon) on her. I spray my shoes with that. When I found & removed a Lyme tick from my neck at 10 PM on a Saturday night, I did the usual washing with soap, applied peroxide and then noticed the dog’s spray. I figured what the heck. The next day I got 2 doxycycline from my doc and I told him about spraying myself with the dog’s “antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial” spray and he said “smart” so in my opinion it’s safe for humans. That’s up to you, but the 30 minute soak in alcohol is real. Hope this helps someone.

  2. MudNana

    My nail is growing in and I don’t see the fungus in the new growth BUT it discolored the nail and cuticles bright orange.It seems to have helped the fungus which is what I bought it forThe discoloration fades in a week or 2 from when you finish using.BUTI would recommend using it during the cold months when you will be wearing socks and shoes.Your toes will definitely look weird in sandals!

  3. vibe

    So I have always gotten pedicures and noticed that when they would take my polish off; my nails were a yellow color. I stopped getting pedicures for a while and decided to try a anti-fungal treatment! After one application I saw a difference. I am bad at following directions so I didn’t do it as the directions stated but like I said it works and only after a couple times using it! I’m very pleased and would recommend this product to all!

  4. Nicole

    I’ve had the weird big toe nail for decades. I’ve tried all the solutions and potions and serums. This is the only one that worked and that actually took care of the problem, much quicker than most others. Within a couple of weeks, the nail looks almost normal. I lost the original I bought, so I got another one. This stuff really worked for me.

  5. Kindle Customer

    I like this product. I have 2 fingernails that give me problems with fungus. I wear nails so I have been putting this under my nails every time I wash my hands. It feels like it is helping but will find out tomorrow when I go to the salon.

  6. Margaret R. Stephens

    I have been using this for a month. After only the second application the fungus literally fell off my toe while I rubbed it with a Q-tip. I have been fighting this fungus for many years and tried all the over the counter treatments and spent 2 years using what my podiatrist prescribed. None worked. But this did. My toenail looks totally clear of the fungus. I’m continuing to use it while the nail grows out again per the instructions. Please try this. It works.

  7. KiT

    I love the fact that this product comes in tube with a nail polish brush built in. They are conveniently sized to be able to carry in your purse. I do recommend this product!

  8. Lu

    Actually pleasantly surprised at how the appearance of my nails improved in just a few short days. Would recommend to friends and family. No bad smells no burning or stinging

  9. Always the Truth 🤲🏼

    This product WORKS….but as with be effective….YES….with TIME…..I have tried the rest NOTHING worked BUT THIS DID ….Over a period of months IT DID do what it says ….be patient please … twice a day …every end of the week …cut down the nail and reapply…it work’s better 🙏🤲🏼

  10. Amazon Customer

    After just a few applications, I am starting to see results, something I cannot say for other products that I have tried.

  11. Debbie Me

    My nail was brittle and full of fungus for years- I tried Apple Cider Bunegar soaks- organic tea tree oil, everything under the Sun!I used this religiously twice a day and the transformation in 6 weeks is astounding! It may not look like it but it’s over 50% healed- and the new nail coming in beautifully- I am expecting maybe 5 months to healed- I was close to spending money on the light therapy for 1,000.00 which takes 6 months heal -so glad I tried this first!

  12. Monica Villalobos

    This is one of the best nail fungus treatmentMy tow nails looked better in about a weekI tried many and this is the only one that really works

  13. Rancher Mom

    So far so good! I got this for my daughter, and I really like how easy it is to put it on!

  14. Madison M

    I was a little skeptical at first about using this, as I have tried a few other products that didn’t work. Some were prescribed from my podiatrist and was 3x the price. I’ve been using this for almost a month and I can see the difference now. Nail is growing out clearer and more “normal” looking. It might not work for everyone, but at this price – it is definitely worth a shot. It worked better for me than some expensive prescribed treatments.

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