Niksa Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat, Bubbles, Vibration and Red Light, 4 Massage Roller Pedicure, Tub for Feet Stress Relief, Foot Soaker with Mini Acupressure Massage Points Temperature Control

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Use for Feet
Power Source Corded Electric
Material Stone
Item Weight 2.13 Kilograms
Brand Niksa

  • [Professional Foot Spa] This multi-functional foot spa bath integrates heating, massage, oxygen bubbles, vibration and red light functions to relax your feet by gently massaging and soothing your tired, overworked feet. The diameter is 15.7 inches and even fits 12 inches feet which is suitable for whole family.
  • [Efficient Heating&Temperature Maintenance] Intelligent temperature control will efficiently heat the water up to the temperature you set(95℉-118℉), and maintain water temperature during process of your whole foot spa massage. You don’t need to add extra hot water anymore to enjoy your luxury foot bath at home.
  • [Relaxing Massage Action] This pedicure foot spa massager is equipped with 4 removable non-motorized rollers dotted with acu-notes for deep massage. There are 2 bubble strips and raised nodes for extra massaging action.
  • [Bubble,Vibration&Red Light] We design this home foot spa with a variety of special functions including bubbles, heat, rollers, red light and vibration for better upgrading massage experience. Placing spa materials inside the small box to pamper your feet and shape them to perfection with the included foot stone.
  • [Health First] Niksa is about bringing a convenient healthy home environment for every family. 24/7 customer service promises solving your problem as quick as possible.
Additional information
Weight 4.7 kg
Dimensions 12 × 16 cm
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 7 x 12 x 16 inches; 4.7 Pounds

Item model number ‏

‎ MM-20A-7



Manufacturer ‏

‎ Niksa

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Niksa Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat, Bubbles, Vibration and Red Light, 4 Massage Roller Pedicure, Tub for Feet Stress Relief, Foot Soaker with Mini Acupressure Massage Points Temperature Control

  1. SandyK

    Other than just a regular foot tub, there are some additional enhancements.The tub is sized correctly and the controls cover about 1/3 of the tub.Vibration: Since I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet, I can feel the vibration, but cannot gauge the strength.Red Light: It’s just there so one can see the bubbles.Bubbles: One can see bubbles.Rollers: They roll and massage the bottom of one’s feet.Heel Scrubber: Becomes dislodged if used. Doesn’t screw on, so there is no way it will stay put. I had to use super glue to keep it attached so it could be used. Obvious design flaw.Heating: One must fill with HOT tap water, as there will not be enough time to heat to one’s desired temperature. The description of the heating states that “the unit will maintain the temperature” but the following description is a vague statement. “Intelligent temperature control will efficiently heat the water up to the temperature you set(95℉-118℉), and maintain water temperature during process of your whole foot spa massage.” I set mine at 110 degrees and the water is about 108 degrees when I fill with water from the tap. My unit will heat the water to 110 degrees and the thermostat will not kick back in until the temperature cools by 4 degrees, so the water is NOT maintained at the temperature one will set. Not a big deal as 4 degrees is barely noticeable. On a few occasions, I have to adjust the temp higher to get the thermostat to kick in. Probably just a glitch in my unit.There are some cheaper items on Amazon and I thought spending a bit more would provide a better product. The unit is useful to me and does bring relief to my feet. The minor negative aspects of this unit are not enough reason to return the product and I will continue to use it.

  2. Happy Penelope

    I have tender feet and don’t care for the more aggressive foot soakers. This one does the job for a variety of foot sizes. The vibration is excellent and makes the few bubbles seem a lot more widespread. Love the two sets of self-rollers in the main footbed area and the self-massage knobby areas at the toes and heel. The footstone is less aggressive than other stones, another feature my tender skin appreciates. It is simple to operate, which is another plus. And I don’t care that it doesn’t have a carry handle. The heat control does not go up and down as the arrows would suggest, it only goes up from minimum to maximum and then recycles, no matter whether you push up or down on the temp button. I think it is just the way they have labeled the temp button with the arrows. A bit confusing at first but not enough to be less than 5 stars. It gets stinking HOT and takes a long time to get there. Again I gave it a 5 because I don’t need it to get heated in a hurry. All around an excellent BASIC massaging heated foot soaker.

  3. Obie

    It did everything that i was looking for.It heated the water, it had vibrations, it had bubbles, I am still confused by the red light part; but it has that too!I tried it out about a hour after i got it.Set up was simple. Literally plug and play.The manual will explain the button sequences and safety recommendations.Look, you are putting your feet into something that has electricity running through it and the only person I know who survived that ordeal was John Constantine. Since he is a fictional character , and we are more prone to dying. Give it a glance.Really well made, the tub area could have been wider, but that is on me as this was my first time buying a spa. Even so, i was comfortable using the unit for a whole hour with little to no issue. The pumice stone attachment seems to want to keep coming off, which does not impede any other aspect of the unit.Learning the proper use for the rollers on the bottom of the tub will be a curve, but the added vibration pretty much made any prior experience not necessary. The bubbles were nice, I found it interesting that the air compressor used is louder than the vibration unit. However, both sounds are soft and comfortably in the background and do not interfere with the experience.Overall, the only suggestions I would add would be to add a sample of a Epsom salt bath mix or a foot bath bombs of a couple varieties for 2 or 3 uses, to encourage first time use and start the habit of taking better care of your feet. For the pumice stone, a simple catch lock that allows the cap to be locked in place and removed for replacement as needed.I would recommend this to first time and long time spa users.

  4. Sj

    This is my first foot spa/massager, it’s works good, I really like the bubbles. I love it because I like to add herbs for my foot baths, and the heel scrubber really softened up your heels, and it heats to a really nice temperature. And I really like that the products support team reaches out after you purchase this and sends a personal message to help you if you have any questions or issues, vary nice touch on They’re part. The only issues, I though this was electric in the sense that the rollers were automatic, but they’re just manual. The heel scrubber would work better if it could lock in. Other then that I would recommend this product.

  5. Caitlyn Mollow

    I decided I wanted to save some money and make a little spa at my house instead of going to the nail salon. It definitely warms up the water but the bubbles are vigorous, more for looks than anything. I do like the massager on the bottom of the foot bath, you just have to move your feet back and forth, it won’t do it for you. But after using it I was able to give myself a salon quality pedicure for a fraction of the price in my own home!update: a customer service rep reached out to me to ensure satisfaction with the product and offered to update the description of the product to make it more clear. this has been a great experience working with them 10/10!

  6. Dillon

    So far I have enjoyed this foot bath. It is a nice size for me, and I have men foot size 11.5. It is quite relaxing to sit and watch some tv and have the bath going with epsom salts. The control panel seems water resistant to an extent and is fairly simple to control.However there are some things I wish were different, one of them making this item unenjoyable at times.Firstly, some suggestions I would prefer on this machine are that the massage rollers would be bigger as they hardly can even touch my arches.Another preference would be that the bubbles blow more intensely as they are not very noticeable if you are not looking(can’t feel them)But those are just preferences and should not be viewed as making this a bad machine.However, there is an issue with the heating feature. If you preheat the water to a set temperature and you do not have the bubbles on, the water does not circulate. Therefore after 10 minutes the water on the edges may be 104° while the water in the center around the heating port feels like it can be 120°+ which is incredibly uncomfortable.The vibration feature also has its moments that it turns off for no reason, but if I press the button it turns back on.I think it is a good if machine if you remember to keep the bubbles on or don’t mind the shock factor of scolding water.

  7. MotokoU

    Okay, so the heat and the bubbles are fine, the rollers are interesting.The pumice stone thing pops right out of it’s spot all the time, so I just took it out of the unit entirely. it doesn’t effect my use of the unit, but it’s worth noting.I think this unit is totally worth the money.

  8. James S.

    I got this because i have bad ankles, i figured the price point meant it would be better then cheap crap. I was wrong, this is cheap crap, but more expensive. I got to use it one time, and then the second time i wanted to use it, it wouldnt heat the water, and it would not turn on the light, or the bubbles. The only thing that worked was it would vibrate, and hold the water inside it without leaking. Very depressing, i got one good soak from it and then it went into the trash. I looked at the average star rating and the amount of reviews and figured this was a good buy. Dont buy this product, avoid it, its cheap quality, and for the price point i expect more. I had a $30 foot massager soaking tub that lasted 12 years. Very disappointing that this one, more then double the price, didnt even last 2 days. Into the garbage it goes.Update:The day now is the 8th of June in 2023. The company emailed me offering a refund shortly after my original review. I accepted and got a full refund. Fast forward to maybe a month ago, i work a lot so i dont check my email as often as i should. The company offered me a free replacement. I was a bit taken off guard, a refund, and a free replacement? Sign me up. So i accepted and in a week or so it came. It sat in the box for a couple weeks, due to me being busy and just tired from work and not expecting much from it. I didnt have much hope, so why bother opening it? Well, last week i finally opened it, and im glad i did, i have now used it 3 times after my shifts, it helps, the heating function works, thd vibrations work, the bubbles and red light work. It works. I must have gotten a defective one as my first purchase, or it could have been banged around in shipping. I dont know, but i am glad this one works, and the customer service was more then outstanding. I didnt ask them for a refund, they offered it. I didnt contact them for a replacement, they offered it. I wish more businesses would take a note from these amazing people, especially Lisa and Colin. My feet are much happier, its not going to fix my medical issues, but it will make my nights after work that much more relaxing and far less painful. Thank you all again for the amazing service and valuing my quality of life.

  9. Tiffany Bergeron

    This made my feet feel SO good! The heat and bubbles along with the rolling massager and the pumice pad, my feet feel like a million dollars!! Very easy to clean, easy to use. I would definitely recommend.

  10. Aniyue

    Wasn’t sure what to expect from this product for the price, but have been thoroughly impressed.It has a great bubbling effect, a vibration, and heating that all work perfectly.We have used some oils and salts in (small amounts) and multiple family members have praised this gem of a gift.Helps to relax your sore feet and your body. Absolutely worth the money spent!

  11. Jessica Flanders

    I love the spa. It feels amazing. The only problem is the bubbles doesn’t work. When I press it, it just makes a loud noise and no bubbles.

  12. Gary

    It a well built item and works great.

  13. Debbie

    UPDATE-Incredible customer service! I got immediate response from their team after my comments on this review and was offered a full refund, which I gratefully accepted. This company genuinely cares about customer satisfaction. Would buy from again.Update= now the heating isn’t working, so all I have is a plastic tub.This is only good for heating and keeping the water hot. The foot rollers are ok, but the bubbles might as well not be there. I would send it back but it’s too much hassle. I’ll know better next time.

  14. Amazon Customer

    The foot bath is decent – it does what it says. It stopped working after using it twice like none of the buttons worked and once connected to the outlet it started vibrating. Contacted customer service, they asked for a video for proof and then sent me a replacement. Wish I didn’t have to go through the hassle but at least I have a working foot bath which would be nice after I give birth soon.

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