OrthoComfoot Comfortable Womens Orthopedic Walking Shoes, Canvas Plantar Fasciitis Slip On Loafers for Arch Support, Orthotic Casual Breathable Slippers for Work Shopping

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  • Canvas Upper
  • Imported
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • SUPPORT: Women’s walking shoes are designed to provide maximum orthopedic support to alleviate various foot conditions. The shoes feature a specialized orthotic insole that molds to your feet for better arch support and comfort. They help to reduce foot, heel, and ankle pain caused by plantar fasciitis, flat feet, overpronation, and other foot conditions.
  • EASY SLIP ON/OFF: These women’s loafers feature an elastic or bungee lace system that makes them easy to slip on and off, perfect for individuals with mobility issues or those who want to avoid the hassle of tying laces. The shoes are also lightweight and flexible, allowing for natural foot movement and a comfortable fit.
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE: Walking shoes are made with superior-quality canvas materials that ensure durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand daily wear and tear and maintain their shape and support over time. The shoes are also easy to clean and maintain, which makes them a great investment for your foot health.
  • COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: They are designed with a breathable upper that promotes air circulation and keeps your feet cool and dry. The shoes are also equipped with a flexible sole that allows for natural foot movement and a cushioned midsole that absorbs shock and reduces impact.
  • All-SEASON SHOES: These casual shoes are suitable for all seasons of the year and come in various colors and styles, You can choose from black or dark grey that complement your outfit and personality,making them the perfect footwear for any outing, daily commuting, or walking activity.

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Weight 8.82 kg
Dimensions 4.72 × 0.59 cm
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‎ 5.91 x 4.72 x 0.59 inches; 8.82 Ounces

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‎ womens

Date First Available ‏

‎ April 27, 2023


‎ B0C3QV2JY1

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‎ OrthoComfoot

26 reviews for OrthoComfoot Comfortable Womens Orthopedic Walking Shoes, Canvas Plantar Fasciitis Slip On Loafers for Arch Support, Orthotic Casual Breathable Slippers for Work Shopping

  1. Fire Dancer

    I really like these shoes and the support they offer my arches. They fit true to size for me (I’m a size 8 and ordered the 8’s). I was pleasantly surprised that the toe base was wider on these shoes, which accommodates my feet well. The arch wasn’t too much and did not cause any tightness or rubbing of the shoe elastic on the top of my foot. The style works for a variety of different outfits and I primarily where they around the house and have taken them on errands as well. The only problem I have with these shoes is that they are pretty heavy compared to other shoes. Perhaps it’s the open heel design that makes this weight more noticeable but it is something to keep in mind. I can handle it for 4+ hours but then I become aware of it and wish to change my shoes out. It’s something to be aware of if you are not a fan of heavier feeling shoes. For me, it’s not a deal breaker because I find the arch support and overall fit to be a good thing.I’d recommend trying these to help with falling arches or plantar fasciitis relief.

  2. lizajhop

    I’m pleasantly surprised by these shoes. Normally when you hear the word ‘orthopedic’, fashionable doesn’t spring to mind. Thankfully, the look of these shoes is stylish enough to confidently wear without feeling like you’re over the hill. Upon slipping into them barefoot, they felt a little snug but soon relaxed. The footbed has a pleasing texture to it making your feet feel like they’re getting a little massage. The arch support is pronounced, so it may be a little too much for some wearers. The one detail I’m not wild about is the low lip at the back heel. I wish it was taller because the height just doesn’t work for me: it’s a little too high to be able to slip into these shoes like if they were a clog, but too low to stay securely in place. Standing still it’s fine, however after a few steps, the lip slips down and gets stepped on. I’m hopeful that wearing socks with these shoes may help with that, but I’m not convinced it will. I wear size 10 so that’s what I ordered here. They fit, but may be just a smidge on the smaller-side of what I’d expect from a 10. If you’re in between sizes and/or want the versatility of either going barefooted or stockinged, I’d suggest sizing up. Overall, these are a solid option for this style of footwear.

  3. R.M. James

    These shoes run a little bit long. According to the size chart, my foot length was 1/8 inch longer than the half size, although it was closer to the half size than the next size up. But, to make sure the shoe was long enough, I got the next full size up. Unfortunately, the shoe is too long and the heal slips off when I walk. I was also concerned that getting the half size lower might be too tight on top (foot girth). Judging from the tightness there, it would have been. Its not too tight, just very snug. Even a half size down would be too tight. I will not be able to wear them out in the street, but I can wear them at home.The soles are amazingly thick and comfortable. This is perfect for my floors, which have a concrete foundation and are not only hard, but radiate cold air in the winter. I need to wear thick soles all winter long to keep my feet warm. I also need to wear shoes with arches and these have good arch support. I like that they are wide enough to accommodate my bunions comfortably and also have plantar fasciitis and arthritis support. I got the light gray and its nicer than I thought it would be. Its a durable tweed canvas and goes with a just about every basic pant color. The are definitely good shoes. I wish the length fit me better, but I will wear them in the house, so I’ll get use out of them.

  4. Hogee Pogee

    These fit exactly as expected. They are made of a nice, sturdy material and appear to be high quality. The sole is very thick and supportive. They are super comfortable. The only issue I have is that after about 5 to 10 minutes of wearing them, my feet start to sweat. This is not only an uncomfortable feeling, it will eventually lead to odor. If you don’t normally have sweaty feet, then I think these will be great for you. Also, be aware that these have a tall sole so the chances of you rolling your ankle are pretty high. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but I do worry about it.

  5. DLH

    I love the look of these shoes (just like the product photos) – and the fit is perfect. Since there is really no back, I would consider these more like clogs than shoes. The amount of sole and cushion is surprising – you can’t feel the ground under your feet! Has great arch support – much more than most shoes. I find them to be very comfortable, even though the sole is a bit stiff. Decent traction / non-slip. Uppers are rough textured canvas on the outside and a thin polyester lining. Support linings are made of sturdy foam and plastic, and are removable. Seems sturdy and durable. My new summer go-to, around town shoes!

  6. Hailey

    I got these because I was looking for something comfy to run errands in. However, I was just not impressed with these.1.) The arch support is way too arched for my feet personally. It also makes the top of my foot press against the top of the shoe, which felt way too tight.2.) Speaking of tight, the shoes overall feel tight, especially with socks.3.) The back of the shoes, while I knew were low rise, are a lot lower than I expected. They feel like really heavy flip-flops.With all that said, I don’t think that they’re bad shoes. They’re just not ideal for me, hence 4-stars instead of 3.

  7. TX Sunshine LadyBug

    So, I don’t have the smallest foot in the. world. After two children, I wear a size 11. Some shoemakers don’t even make 11’s. They think ladies feet only go up to size 10. Well, not me. So, I am already at a disadvantage trying to find cute shoes that fit not to mention that feel good.That all changed when I slipped on the OrthoComfoot walking shoe. I was actually quite surprised! They felt so comfy and they were light too! At first I tried them on barefooted. They were super easy to slip my foot into and then just reached down and lifted the little lip at the back. I was good to go!The next day, I tried them on with thin little cotton ankle socks. Those ones that you have in every color and maybe lost a few along the way. So, I don’t even try to match them anymore…it is a simple grab and go kind of a sock drawer!Again, the shoes slipped right on. Albeit a bit easier with the little sock footies. I wore them all day long. I do NOT wear shoes for hours on end. I am up and down due to health issues, but I didn’t feel the NEED to take them off when I sat down to rest. They were comfy!I accidentally spilled a drop of my smoothie on my toe, while wearing these darling shoes. Easy peasy! It wiped right off and left no trace.The only thing I will be mindful of is wiping off the white trim. I believe that makes your cute tennies look old and yucky. Other from that, they are just perfect for me! The footbed has wonderful arch support. I have fallen arches and I can’t wear a lot of cute shoes. I really like these. Maybe they will make an all white version. I would buy those in a heartbeat.A sweet detail I did not see until I was taking them off was the little black flowers on the outside middle of the shoes. Just a little detail to soften the look of the walking shoe. I would think that ladies who don’t have feet issues would think these are great walk around all day shoes. Easy to slip on and off. But, honestly, I didn’t want to take them off. I am going back today to look at the other colors.I love these with and without socks. I like that I have a choice. I think these would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Cute and Comfortable! Highly recommend!Much Love!

  8. S. Copley

    The support these provide is perfect for higher arches. Sizing is pretty accurate. They do walk a bit like flips but the comfort makes it worth it.Quality wise I have no complaints. The shoes are made well and look cute on.

  9. Ravae

    I normally wear a size 9. These were just a bit too small. My heel sits on the lip of the back of the shoe. Despite this, they seem to be fairly good quality and they are soft/cushiony.

  10. Kenny B.

    I think my feet are a little too wide for these shoes. They fit well in length, but the shoe, for me, has pressure points right where the side of my arches are. I have low arches, so I believe the arch supports are causing the uncomfortable pressure.The shoes are hit-and-miss when it comes to comfort. One day I wore them, and while I still had the pressure, it did dissipate as I wore the shoe all day. I think if my feet swelled, the fit was even tighter, and comfort was a no-go. I also felt like they didn’t stay on my feet as I walked on the street. In the house, they seemed to work better. But again, that could be because my feet were just a bit too wide for the shoe.I do like the design and the fact that they do absorb a lot of shock from the ground (and add height). I didn’t care how these felt without socks. They felt a bit scratchy (not soft inside). I would probably get a better fit without socks, however.

  11. JoeR

    This shoe is very soft when walking but they walk like a flip flop with your heel elevating with each step. They also look a little unusual, which some may love and other maybe not.

  12. Sjm

    I purchased this Women’s Orthopedic Walking Shoes for my mom , but I was disappointed,These shoes are quite tall and heavy, making them uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.The elastic/bungee lace design makes it easy to slip them on and off, Unfortunately, they didn’t work well for my mom, especially for activities like work or shopping where all-day comfort is essential.

  13. Lu

    The arches in these shoes are the highest arches I’ve ever felt. They’re so high that they become uncomfortable for me to walk in them after an hour or so. Everything else about the shoes is very nice though; how they look, how they fit, and even how they feel (other than the crazy-high arches). If the arches weren’t so high they’d be fabulous shoes.

  14. Mary

    These shoes are very comfortable. They are easy to slip on, but they don’t fall off. At first, I thought I was going to have a problem with the back lip of the shoe hitting my heel, but after a few minutes of walking in them it softened up and no problem. I love the support, they kept me going through a long day of back and forth around my workplace. I love the color, and there is a cute flower detail on the side of each shoe that gives it a little something extra. I do notice that sometimes when I wear them my toes rub the inside and it’s uncomfortable, but if I just wear some of those super thin foot socks it takes care of it, and it doesn’t happen all the time. I can’t speak to their durability yet, but if they end up wearing out too soon I will update my review. Oh, I also like the insoles because they are textured and have some raised areas that make the shoe extra comfy, and they seem to absorb sweat well, too (I wore them on a hot summer day in the desert, so I would call that a pretty good test, lol). Great shock absorption, easy on my plantar fasciitis. I really like these shoes!

  15. Lisa B.

    Super cushiony and supportive. I love them. They are also made well and look good. They have a great Arch Support. They stay on ok but not as well as I’d like. However, my foot is really narrow. I like a wide shoe and this one is perfect but I think I need to wear thicker socks. I usually wear really thin socks.

  16. Avid Reader

    I really like these shoes. I ended up getting the light gray and they really go with a lot of my outfits. They fit well, are very lightweight and are durable. I feel like they give me a bit of a bounce in my step. I love that I can just slip them on. I never used to wear shoes much at home but I am diabetic and over the years it seems like my feet just feel better when I have shoes on. Rather than choosing something that I have to tie or buckle whenever I take them off or on, I prefer these that I can just slide right into. All in all, a good purchase.

  17. P

    My elderly mother has problems with her feet. We have not been able to find shoes for her that fit well and are comfortable. She likes to walk, but when her shoes hurt her feet, it makes her walks short and painful.When I saw these shoes I was hoping they would fit and be comfortable. Success. She loves them. The smile on her face was amazing. She can go on her walks and not worry about blisters or bruised feet.My job is done. My mom is happy, for now…Can’t wait for her next issue.

  18. RayB

    I highly recommend this product. It is everything the manufacturer claims it to be. If you’re looking for support, these are the shoes you want.

  19. Rich in WY

    Wife likes these shoes and is using them as slippers for use indoors. As “around the house” shoes, these are a suitable choice as they are very comfortable and have a true to size fit. Just be aware that they are warm.The inserts (see photos) are soft and provide good arch support. The shoes are overall comfortable and would be good walking shoes or “around the house” shoes.

  20. Joseph Miller

    These are a excellent pair of slip on shoes to keep near the door. They are well made and they looks nice enough to wear out for casual outing. They are comfortable for walking and probably the only negative is the arch might be to high for some people. Of coarse they will be different for every person. But they are a lot nicer then most of the other shoes I have seen of this type. I would recommend this item.

  21. TJo

    Wow! Slipped these on and didn’t want to take them off. Very comfortable!

  22. CB

    size is great, very comfortable and supportive

  23. Robin Katherine Register

    These orthopedic Shoes wear great. They are very comfortable and the arch support feels like it molds to my feet. As a former high heel wearer I like that these are not flat. I also like that these are not ugly. I’ve worn them to work since I received them occasionally they squeak when I walk on hardwood floors but not enough to make me stop wearing these. My feet are happy.

  24. Amanda Martin

    These are really comfortable shoes to wear. They are easy to put on they just slide right on your foot without a problem. They stay on too! They are well made and very durable.

  25. Nathan R.

    My wife says they are real comfy shoes very easy to slip on and off at the door. I think they look really nice and so does she.

  26. Michelle L. Beck

    Over the last 5 years, I have had several bad ankle injuries, and even more recently, a tumor removed from my planter fasciitis. As you can imagine, comfortable shoes are a must. These shoes, by Ortho Comfoot, are super cute. I’d describe them as more of a thick looking pair of slides. I do think they look stylish and fashionable. The design and overall look is functional and attractive. The fabric is a black and grey tweed (trimmed in black) and the thickish sole is black. The shoe is (somewhat) breathable but I am not yet sold on the comfort. It seems to run small, by at least a half size if not more. I did order up a half-size (I normally wear an 8.5 but ordered a 9), since it is a slip on and I didn’t want my heel to hang off the back. But it ended up being a perfect fit. In terms of comfort, there is some molding on the inside that for some reason took a little getting used to. Not sure if it is my high arch, or that I am still recovering from my surgery, but I definitely had to move my foot around a little to make it feel comfortable.  This shouldn’t be necessary since they are designed to bring comfort to the feet. With that being said, here it is in a nutshell: Look (style/design) – 5 stars; Function – 2 stars; Comfort – 3 = Total 3 (because maybe it is just me and these shoes just take some getting used to.) I will of course update this review if my opinion changes.

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