OrthoComfoot Mens Casual Orthopedic Walking Shoes with Arch Support, Suede Leather Dress Slip On Loafers for Plantar Fasciitis, Comfortable Slip Resistant Shoes for Foot and Heel Pain Relief

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  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • EVA+Rubber sole
  • OPTIMAL ARCH SUPPORT: These men’s slip-on loafers are designed with built-in arch support to provide exceptional comfort and alleviate foot fatigue. The arch support helps to distribute weight evenly and maintain proper alignment, making them an excellent choice for individuals with flat feet or those seeking extra support.
  • PREMIUM LEATHER AND RUBBER: Crafted with a combination of superior-quality leather and rubber materials, these loafers offer a perfect balance of style and durability. The leather upper provides a sophisticated and polished look, while the rubber outsole ensures reliable traction and flexibility for all-day comfort.
  • EASY SLIP-ON DESIGN: With their convenient slip-on style, these loafers offer hassle-free wearability. The elasticized panels or goring on the sides allow for effortless slip-on and off, making them a great choice for those who value convenience without compromising on style.
  • VERSATILE AND STYLISH: These loafers strike the perfect balance between functionality and fashion. The timeless design and premium materials make them suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to semi-formal events. Pair them with jeans, chinos, or even dress pants to elevate your style effortlessly.
  • ★WHAT YOU GET? Corrected posture | Longer walks, running or workouts | Muscle fatigue relief | Joints relaxation | Spinal stress relief | Extra cushioning in forefoot, metatarsal and heel region.OrthoComfoot shoe insoles provide plantar fasciitis – high arch – flat feet – heel spurs – metatarsalgia – shin splints – bunions – Neuropathy – achilles tendonitis – diabetic – overpronation – pregnancy – ball of foot pain – swollen – hip pain support and pain relief.

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Weight 8.82 kg
Dimensions 4.72 × 0.59 cm
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‎ 5.91 x 4.72 x 0.59 inches; 8.82 Ounces

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‎ mens

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‎ August 25, 2023



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‎ OrthoComfoot

Reviews (45)

45 reviews for OrthoComfoot Mens Casual Orthopedic Walking Shoes with Arch Support, Suede Leather Dress Slip On Loafers for Plantar Fasciitis, Comfortable Slip Resistant Shoes for Foot and Heel Pain Relief

  1. Sherry Favors

    Very comfortable and durable

  2. C. Gonser

    No pics but hubby says they’re comfy.

  3. Douglas E Brenizer

    Great pair of shoes. Very comfortable and lots of support.

  4. Joan Palma

    Theses are great shoes! The only issue I have is on my second order no inserts!!

  5. Carlos Soto

    Muy cómodo, elegante y casual a la vez, A1

  6. David L. Daniels

    Attractive shoe that has support. Manycompliments. I recommend it. Normally I prefer to try on first, but the was a pleasant exception.

  7. Mike Mancari

    Good quality and easy to put on.

  8. gail b.

    My husband loved them

  9. Chris Beckemeyer

    Its obviously not a superb shoe but it does offer some support and is super comfortable for a while. Its not a daily walker though. This is a shoe that you could wear to a single function but not all day shopping. For that you will need a more supportive shoe. Overall though its a nice shoe that offers a descent amount of support and comfort.

  10. Chris

    My wife recently got a pair of Orthocomfoot shoes and has done nothing but rave about how comfortable they are. When I came across these I decided to give them a shot! They are super comfortable, stylish, and easy to slip on. They look great with a pair of khaki shorts or even just around the house like a pair of slippers. My only complaint is the soles are a bit soft and squishy if you are a bigger guy and they may break down faster than more sturdy soles.

  11. Susan P.

    My husband loves these! We both have problem feet with plantar fasciitis and these are stylish, soft, comfortable, and ‘don’t look like old people shoes’. There is a built in orthotic and an anti-slip base on the bottom. For walking around town, or a casual dinner. Now we have to get these in different colors.

  12. Freds Mom

    I ordered these excellent mens’ shoes for my older son, and he’ll get them next year on his birthday or for Christmas. If we wore the same shoe size, he wouldn’t be getting any shoes at all, but unfortunately he wears a 13 and I wear an 8.These shoes, which my long-suffering neighbor tried on for me, are reported to be very comfortable. I also tried them on and loved the excellent arch support. I hope these folks make these in women’s shoes, too.These are just about the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever seen. The arch support is fantastic, especially for people with foot or leg problems, and my son had a hip condition when he was young that seems to be all right now, but a good pair of comfortable shoes won’t hurt and will probably help.These have thick soles made of EPA+rubber and are nonslip. I tested that feature myself since I’m always slipping or sliding. Now this is the feature I’d love, in addition to the arch support — a massaging corrective insole.I ordered these in the color denim, and the uppers of the shoes are made of Nubuck and suede leather. They’re very pretty, or should I say handsome. I keep thinking these are mine, and unfortunately they aren’t. The shoes are as easy to slip on as houseshoes are, which isn’t always the case; I’ve bought several pairs of slip-on shoes for myself that required quite a struggle to get them on.These shoes are ideal for people with diabetic neuropathy, anyone with peripheral neuropathy (me), back pain when walking, trouble standing for long periods of time (me again), flat feet (yes, me again), and the leather uppers dress these up a little and, I think the leather makes the shoes stand up better for you to slip into them.I know my son will love these, especially the arch support and the memory foam. I definitely would love a pair of these for myself in a women’s version of these shoes and hope I can find them. But for now we wait. These are excellent shoes, and I highly recommend these to anyone, especially anyone with foot problems, back pain, high arches, or anyone who wants a great pair of slip-on shoes.

  13. Highmoon

    My husband is exceptionally particular about his footwear; once he discovers a pair that’s comfortable and easy to slip on (without laces), he’ll wear them until they’re worn out. When we received these OrthoComfoot shoes, he initially struggled to put them on. I used a shoe stretcher overnight, and the next day, he wore them around the house. Now, he wears them everywhere, and I couldn’t be happier. He requires significant orthopedic support, and these shoes have a fantastic sole that offers support while conforming to your foot for the ultimate comfort.Since they’re crafted from Nubuk/Suede leather, I sprayed them to ensure they last longer, especially when he’s out in the rain. Admittedly, they’re a bit pricey in my opinion, and only time will tell how durable they are. One minor gripe is that I wish the elastic gussets on the side of the tongue were wider; they seem rather small, which makes me wonder why they included this helpful feature if it’s primarily for aesthetics.P.S. The sole provides excellent grip on wet tile, and the insoles are removable. The fact that my husband now wears them without any prompting tells me he really likes them.

  14. Sherry H.

    I normally wear a men’s10.5 wide and ordered size 11 hoping the slightly larger size would make up for the lack of a wide width and it absolutely did. I am very pleased with the quality and comfort of this pair. The inserts take a little getting used to, but I feel like they are helping. I have found that the top part could have been slightly smaller for me, but overall, it’s a nice product.

  15. Ann

    The inserts are solid and are made for someone that has arches .The Shoes were tight on his feet with the Orthotic inserts. His flat feet said no to the orthotic inserts . He is putting in his favorite insole inserts in the shoes to make them work . The soles of the shoes are great and bend nicely.

  16. Tina B

    I have been needing some slip-ons and with arch support so I thought I would give these a try. The shoes felt good and it does have very good arch support. I have had plantar fasciitis off and on lately and these shoes will help with keeping that condition at bay. The shoes are very comfortable to wear and they look great. I wear 10.5 shoes so I ordered an 11 and they fit perfectly.

  17. Nicole T.

    Ladies and gents, let me tell you about these OrthoComfoot Men’s Casual Orthopedic Walking Shoes that have brought a smile to my husband’s face for three days straight! 😁Now, picture this – my hubby’s a realtor, and we’re soaking up the Florida sun close to the beach. So, the dress code is all about that work-casual vibe. And guess what? These shoes are like a match made in heaven for his jeans. They complete the look like a cherry on top of a sundae! 🍒🏖️But here’s the real magic – comfort! They’re like walking on clouds, I kid you not. And that arch support? It’s like a secret weapon against his back issues. It took a little getting used to, but it’s like his personal back pain superhero now. 💪💼In a nutshell, these OrthoComfoot shoes are more than just shoes; they’re happiness in a pair. Whether you’re a realtor on the move or just strolling along the beach, these slip-on wonders are your new best friends. Trust me, a happy hubby means a happy life! 👞🌟😄

  18. Moose2u

    My old around the house shoes, a seriously worn out pair of hi-techs, are on finally about to fall apart after years of use. I saw these and thought they might replace. Out of the box, the tan pair of shoes looked really nice. The soles are made of what feel like premium rubber with tackiness. Next came trying them on. I’m 6’3″ 265lbs and wear a size 13 with just a bit over average width feet. I was able to step into them and easily get them on without bending over to assist, first HUGE bonus point! The inside is a nice soft fabric that is super comfortable. They fit my feet perfect!! The width is a fantastic fit. The support and comfort is also amazing. My feet don’t slip around, the shoes are extremely comfortable. These are absolutely my new favorite go to shoes for general around the house wear!! The tackiness of the rubber on multiple surfaces is truly non-slip. I couldn’t be happier with an easy to get on pair of shoes!!

  19. Mississippi_Mary

    First, my feet hurt…like all the time and I have purchased a bunch of shoes trying to find one that makes my feet feel even just a little bit better. I stand at work for long hours and it really takes a toll on my feet. My heels of my feet always hurt (probably have plantar fascitis). So i wore these shoes because so far i purchased over $300 worth of shoes (one being a pair of Hokas). These are not bad of the group. Obviously, everyone will have different issues with their feet but with these my right foot didn’t hurt at all (my left foot is worse so it still hurt). The shoe is kind of a suede material which i accidently got water from the hose on but the water rolled right off. This shoe is unisex. Overall its a decent shoe that would be a nice option of footwear besides tennis shoes (even though its comfortable like a tennis shoe). I got a size 8 as i wear a size 10 in womens shoes and it fits my feet comfortably.

  20. EcoJon

    My wife asked me if these shoes were the ones I just ordered. Sure they are, I had put them on earlier today to run an errand, and they were comfortable enough that I didn’t take them off when I got home.They fit as expected. I ordered an 11 and they fit perfectly. They look great and stylish. The blue is a little more royal than the navy blue I had thought they were. No regrets, colors are almost always a little different from screen to real life. There is a lot of cushion in the sole.These are great shoes and I would get them again in a heartbeat. Get a pair for yourself!

  21. Kurt

    Do you have plantar fasciitis or fallen arches? Both? These ortho shoes are for you! Nice loafer style ortho shoes for you. The fit is a tiny bit large, so if you plan to go barefoot, order a half size smaller if you plan on just going without socks. I’ve had to wear insoles for years for my foot conditions. This shoe has a raised arch that totally supports and alleviates that persistent plantar fasciitis burn. These are great shoes, and they come in some terrific colors. They are made to last, for comfort and for good grip. You’ll love them.

  22. Countrylife

    I am so happy with how well these fit and how comfortable they are. The opening is appropriate for sliding my foot in while still feeling secure once the shows are on. The insert has awesome comfort and support, there are extra cushions to aid in shock absorption. They look stylish enough to wear out and about with jeans or slacks. I am so glad I took a chance on these even though I couldn’t try them on first. Excellent orthopedic comfort.

  23. a little birdie

    These slip on are very nice, the color is nice and rich colored navy. The feel like a suede upper. They’re true to size and feel durable. The are definitely built for comfort. The amount of padding is amazing, and when you look straight into them it looks like the have built in comfort insoles and feel super supportive. Such a nice pair of shoes. I definitely recommend for anyone looking for a comfortable but also good looking pair of shoes.

  24. Bees M.

    I normally wear an 8 1/2, but these shoes were only available in an 8 or a 9. I ordered the 9 and was prepared for them to feel a little big, but it was absolutely the right choice. They fit perfectly, so if you have the chance to order up a little, it’s probably a good idea. Other than the size issue, I love everything about these shoes. Comfortable to walk around in, and look great. Very satisfied.

  25. Ron C

    These shoes fit me very well and are quite comfortable. Size 13. At first the high arch support seemed too much but I became used to it quickly. I went for long walks with these and they performed well. Black suede color looks rich and goes well with jeans or dockers.

  26. George P.

    I’m back in the office a few days a week now. In the office we have sit/stand workstations and I often spend a lot of time standing. Because of this I try to find shoes that won’t hurt my feet. I’ve been using these shoes for a while now and find that they are very supportive and comfortable. My feet do not hurt even after standing a few hours a day. Also, the style is perfect for a casual workplace.

  27. Nina

    Very nice shoes that go well with any casual look. My husband loves their slip on design and how soft and comfortable they are with the nice looking suede leather fabric.Walking with these shoes on feels like messaging the feet, great to have for work and everyday activities.

  28. Joseph G

    These shoes are very comfortable and supportive. They fit as expected. They are molded to support the whole foot, including great arch support. The sole is thick and provides good cushioning. The slip-on design makes them easy to put on and take off. They are great for long walking without foot pain. Highly recommended.

  29. Brandi Richardson

    I’ve ordered a pair of these in a different style for my ex and he raved about them and these are no different. The level of comfort and ease in slipping them on your feet are superb.

  30. Ian Honea

    These fit just about perfect. The shape makes them a little narrow in the toe, but it doesn’t seem to bother my feet. The insoles secure my foot well inside the shoe and provide plenty of cushion. Tread and sole are great for walking around town. Very nice, micro suede appearance. Very well built- padding in the right spots, good stitching, no gaps along sole/upper.Overall, a great option to slip into for quick adventures.

  31. GiGi

    These fit well. Are comfortable. Has arch support but not so much that it’s super noticeable. They look good on. No rubbing or pinching. Nice shoes great quality.

  32. Robert C. Petersen

    These shoes are a pleasure to wear. The cushioning is wonderful and it definitely feels like walking on air. I wear a 10.5 and I ordered a size 11. The fit was just barely OK so they do seem to run just slightly small. The black color works well for dress or casual. Overall these are great shoes.

  33. Just Another Person

    I ordered these OrthoComfort shoes for my husband who already has two pairs of the same brand and style of shoes in a canvas fabric. He loves the look and comfort of these shoes. This suede pair is a bit dressier than the canvas and can be worn for more formal occasions, but they also look great with jeans. The color of these shoes is a very nice neutral camel. The suede feels great and is amazingly soft. Very well made shoes of excellent quality. If my husband could only own one pair of shoes, it would definitely be these.

  34. Mucusman

    I rarely order shoes online–one never knows how a shoe will feel until one slips one’s foot in it and walks around. With these, I took a chance and hoped for the best.I was delighted to find that the sizing was spot-on (I ordered my typical size), and the pronounced arch support feels great. They are lightweight and relatively easy to put on. The leather uppers feel and look nice. The soles look and feel less premium, but work fine.A nice casual to business-casual shoe… with great arch support.

  35. A.Mom

    I ordered these shoes for my husband to wear to the office on casual Fridays and he is really happy that I did. The khaki tan color looks fantastic when paired with jeans; but it’s definitely not sloppy or too casual of a look. These slip ons seem to match really well with everything.I ordered this pair in his usual size and they fit him perfectly. He says they’re incredibly comfortable and is happy to walk miles in them. He actually does; since is work campus is huge and spread out over six buildings. He easily walks 3-5 miles on any given day. So far, he says they’re fantastic and he expects these shoes will work out great.

  36. MyTwoCents

    These look and feel more like a house shoe than a regular shoe. That being said, my husband loves these for doing things in and out of the house – great to slip on to take the garbage out, the dogs, etc. They fit as expected and are very comfortable.

  37. MsJNae

    Very comfortable. Shoes really look nice. These help with heel and arch support.

  38. Ron Brooks

    This is a review of a free product:I have a high arch, and these orthopedic shoes not only look dressy and can be worn with office dress, but the arch support fit perfectly.I wore these all day and the were comfortable and supported my feet without pain.

  39. JL

    These are good, I probably would have chosen a half size up had it been available. My son will wear these and he likes a slip on shoe that still has some support which these do. They look nice for the price.

  40. knitting ninja

    I really like these shoes for their comfort and fit. I wear a size 9 in sneakers, so I ordered a 9 in these and they fit perfect. They are not too narrow, like so many off brand shoes. They slip on easy and were comfortable right out of the box. They also have significant arch support and my feet felt good after a long day at work. The fit reminds me of my old Earth Shoes. The styling has a nice casual look and the black ones I picked up will go well with most casual attire.

  41. Philip

    The media could not be loaded.

     These men’s size 14 suede walking shoes have incredibly comforting inserts that support the arch of my extremely flat foot, as expected. The width also fits great.I have worn these for several days now, shopping, and I have seen great improvement in my gait and pain levels.It is so hard to find orthopedic walking shoes in my size. This pair of shoes has been such a blessing. I can now stand for longer periods and get around better with my cane.

  42. Russell Fanelli

    When these shoes arrived, I immediately tried them on. I take a size nine and a half shoe so I ordered size ten, just to be safe. I should have ordered ten and a half. Even with no socks, my toes come right to the end of the shoe. OK, they will loosen up a bit. That said, anyone ordering these shoes should consider ordering up at least a half size, maybe more.

  43. PETRA

    Well made and look good. Not very wide and I do not find them super comfortable yet. My right foot is my worst and it was actually more uncomfortable and sore for the rest of the night after wearing them for a few hours.

  44. Mars

    These shoes for my size 11 are just a weeeeeeeee too short! They could be literally a quarter of an inch longer and they’d be perfect size. As it is, I can wear them, but my toe does touch the front and after awhile I get used to it (but have a little soreness in my toe at night). I don’t think I’ll wear them too often.Also, the right shoe squeaks when I walk. I am not sure what in there is squeaking but I think it’s the heel pad of the sole. The harder heel and ball pads are glued into the softer sole material.The arch supports are amazing – I might pull them out and use them in a different shoe. We’ll see.Being leather, I might be able to stretch these out some to fit better.The stitching is good quality – the brown suede and black soles look nice, and they do have great support. If you’re a small size 11, the 11 will fit you. But if you’re a normal 11, don’t get the size 11.

  45. Shera

    Although shoe has a nice e feel of comfort. They are not new. Previously worn. Seams are poorly structured.

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