PCSsole Heavy Duty High Arch Support Inserts- 220+ lbs Strong Arch Support Insoles with Comfort Gel for Men Women – Plantar Fasciitis – Flat Feet – Orthotic Pain Relief Insoles – Work Boot Shoe Insole

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Brand PCSsole
Color Green
Product Benefits Plantar Fasciitis
Use for Foot
Material Foam
  • Foot Pain Relief:PCSsole orthotic inserts for women/men offers a superb level of 3.5cm high arch supports. Deep heel cup can align your body in the middle place. They can relieve foot pain caused by long time standing, flat feet, heel spur, foot valgus, over pronation, plantar fasciitis, fallen arch, bunions, arthritis, achilles tendonitis and also ball of Foot pain.
  • Strong High Arch Support:Upgraded Semi-rigid high arch support insoles Provides moderate control and support in walking and standing, comfort and cushioning for everyday use. Deep U shape heel cup keeps foot bone vertical and balance to provide stability.
  • Maximum Cushioning:Dual layer PORON foam and PU material is excellent for shock absorption and pain relief. Gel cushion under the heel and the metatarsal gel pads are also very helpful and durable to relive heel pain and foot fatigue. Anti-slip fabric reduces odor and keeps the feet fresh.
  • Design for Daily Use:The orthotics provides moderate control and support in walking or sports shoes, work shoes and boots, high volume dress shoes, hiking shoes. Comfort and cushioning for all types of leisure or everyday footwear.
  • Trim to Fit Your Shoes: You can cut according to the original insole, the insoles are easier to put on and take off. Always contact us if any quality issues. You just feel relief once on your foot with this comfort orthotic insoles in your shoes.

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Weight 6.74 kg
Dimensions 3.74 × 1.97 cm
Package Dimensions ‏

‎ 10.94 x 3.74 x 1.97 inches; 6.74 Ounces

Date First Available ‏

‎ August 16, 2023



Manufacturer ‏

‎ PCSsole

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10 reviews for PCSsole Heavy Duty High Arch Support Inserts- 220+ lbs Strong Arch Support Insoles with Comfort Gel for Men Women – Plantar Fasciitis – Flat Feet – Orthotic Pain Relief Insoles – Work Boot Shoe Insole

  1. Chas Brightly

    These have enormous arch support. I have been wearing them all day and can confirm they have more arch support than the prior 8+ supports I’ve tried. That said, they are very sturdy and provide little cushion to walking. They are also slightly bigger than I’d guessed for the sizes mentioned, and hard to trim because of their sturdiness.Once you get past getting them installed, these seem fine.

  2. Leo

    Pretty decent quality, I look forward to seeing how it does after a few months of wear. I’m familiar with insoles from comparable brands and was pleased to see this one be both springy and properly supportive. The quality is pretty great as well, and the sizing is mainly accurate. However, I was a little disappointed by the foam support near the toes, I expect that it will wear out faster than the rest. Overall, a good option, but perhaps lacking in one or two areas.

  3. Twins Dad

    Perfect fit! I have to admit that I haven’t bought shoe insoles in many years. But a recent pair of “dress sneakers” I ordered from Amazon are limited in the amount that the laces can be tightened because of the shoe design. So instead of returning them, I decided to look for thicker insoles than the ones that came inside the shoes. That’s why I got these “PCSsole Heavy Duty High Arch Support Inserts- 220+ lbs Strong Arch Support Insoles”.They just arrived and are exactly what I needed! The additional arch support over the original insoles helps the shoes fit my feet better and I can now tie them tighter for a better fit. The key is to measure your current insole length or shoe length and order the length that’s closest to it.Thankfully, the company provides the length dimension for these insoles instead of just shoe size. These are for a size 12 Men’s shoe and if I had ordered the XL for size 12-13.5 shoes, they would’ve been nearly an inch too long and needed trimming. The length of the insoles that came with the shoes was 11.75″ so I ordered the size L with a length of 11.81″ and they fit just like they were made for the shoes.They’re pricey at the current price of $49.99 per pair. But there’s also a 50% off coupon on this page as I write this review making them more affordable. Plus, these aren’t just standard thin insoles. They’re well-engineered with extra arch support and cushioning. I like them!

  4. keeyop

    I have high arches, so most of my shoes benefit from additional support. Mostly I’ve used DrScholl’s TriComfort with success, and these compare well. They fill the entire footbed, so no issues with them moving around. The arch is higher, and supported by plastic; it’s a little too far rearward and pointed to be an optimal fit for me, but was still usable. The insole went into a men’s 10.5 without cutting, only slightly squishing at the front edge.The heels of these are highly cushioned (the front somewhat less than the DrScholl’s). I’m around 165lbs and try to avoid heel strikes. If you need extra heel protection, these fit the bill. If you walk on the balls of your feet or find them hurting, others might work better in that regard.The illustration is labeled “2 Pack”[?] You’ll get one pair of insoles. Price is pretty steep for that, but at a 50% discount they’re competitive.

  5. K9Unit

    I have owned quite a few inserts over the years and this is probably one of the better ones. For start, it has a bottom piece (the black portion) that is made of rigid plastic so it can resist the weight that is put on it and therefore arch remains in place. Secondly, the circular area is made of a sticky material so it acts as a glue to the inside of the shoes and helps it stay in place.The bottom line is, on wearing my shoes with them, I can actually feel the arch being pushed up and you can’t really say that for others.

  6. DMS

    Since the item page has good photos, and it has a good description of this product, I will not bother adding pictures or more of a description.The insoles feel great, a nice upgrade to the insoles that come with my shoes. The Cushion support helps my knees from the impact to the ground. The arch support is good too…

  7. GMF

    I have flat feet, big flat feet. Even good supportive running shoes struggle arching my arch. These insoles really support my arch & add an additional layer of cushion in my shoes. These are well-made with firm foam and a rigid support from the midsole to the heel. I wear an 11.5 shoe & these fit perfectly without having to trim.

  8. K

    Not typical arch support insoles. These insoles are for someone who needs very high arch support. They fit better on flat shoes. It has anti-slip pad on the heel and carbon-fiber-liked material from heel to mid-sole that is semi-hard. The insoles can be trimmed to fit 3 shoe sizes. I wear size 9, so I got size M, which fits shoe size up to 9.5. They fit my jogging shoes well without trimming.

  9. Adventurers

    I’ve had a few insoles for arch support but this takes the cake. The arch is visibly higher and sloped. The only thing is that it’s a tiny bit offset back for my tiny 6 feet and so I feel with anyone with a larger size it may be offset more is all. So you may want a size higher and cut the top to fit. Just my recommendation.

  10. Spencer Francisco Lau

    I need this for my shoes to avoid blisters. I could use an extra pair for my hard slippers.

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