RiptGear Bunion Corrector (1 Pair) – Toe Straightener for Women and Men Big Toe Separator – Bunion Relief, Toe Spacers for Feet, Toe Separator for Bunion, Bunion Pads (Small/Medium)

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Brand RiptGear
Size Small / Medium
Specific Uses For Product Post-Surgical Support, Bunion, Arthritis, Hammer Toe, Hallux Valgus
Use for Toes, Feet
Age Range (Description) Adult

  • Bunion Compression Sleeve – Bunion Sleeves are toe protectors that support your feet with gentle compression and splint pads. Toe spacers and separators can help reduce pressure and relieve bunion pain in the foot area. Use correcting cushions to help walking and exercising.
  • Perfect Alignment – This product is also a toe separator for overlapping toes. An attached separator keeps your big toe in proper alignment. The separator is firm enough to keep your toes in their place but is within the sleeve, so it’s soft and won’t irritate your toes.
  • Soft and Comfy – These toe separator socks have a soft gel pad that acts as a protector for sensitive foot areas. The high quality fabric is smooth and soft so you can wear the correctors with shoes to prevent further irritation.
  • High Quality – RiptGear has constructed bunion corrector sleeves with high-quality materials. We use breathable, durable fabric that has the slightest bit of compression. The rubber toe separator has been reinforced for extreme durability and cushion.
  • Easy to Care For – This toe corrector is machine washable so it can be used over and over. Keep your original toe brace without worrying about it shrinking in the wash. All RiptGear products are designed to be super soft, comfy, and easy to use.

Product Description

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Important information

Safety Information

This is not a medical device. Consult your doctor before using this product. Do not wear RiptGear compression products for an extended period of time. Do not sleep with RiptGear compression products on your body. Discontinue use if uncomfortable or area turns a blueish color due to loss of circulation. Please use responsibly and keep out of reach of children.


This product should be used for mild hallux valgus. This product should be used for mild discomfort from pressure caused by bumps on the big toe and other conditions. Consult your doctor.


“How to Use” instructions can be found in product packaging.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 3 × 1 cm
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 7 x 3 x 1 inches; 1.2 Ounces

Department ‏

‎ unisex-adult

Date First Available ‏

‎ December 6, 2019



Manufacturer ‏

‎ Radynt, RiptGear

10 reviews for RiptGear Bunion Corrector (1 Pair) – Toe Straightener for Women and Men Big Toe Separator – Bunion Relief, Toe Spacers for Feet, Toe Separator for Bunion, Bunion Pads (Small/Medium)

  1. Don J.

    Hi , I have a real bad left big toe bending to the left and this product has helped me try to keep it straight. I also have spacers between the next toe over and it’s helping. My foot no longer hurts when I take my 4 to 5 mile walks or go skateboarding. I’d recommend to anyone who has this issue to try it 👍

  2. E. Bergling

    Purchased these recently. I find the design and/or the sewing flawed. The divider between the big toe and second toe is not “set”. It is flimsy, moves around and the pattern is part of the flaw. There had to be a better product…

  3. t. donaldson

    I have a bunion and wear this everyday when I walk (5 miles) and it’s helping my foot to control pain and movement with other toes. It’s really helping me!

  4. Preserve Paul

    I have severely angled big toes. Probably from having two small and too narrow shoes when I was growing up. Now that I’m almost 70 I’ve been struggling with pain in my toes. And in fact last fall I broke my big toe twice! So I was looking around for a different kind of device to wear that might help my big toes. I found these. I started wearing them every day and I’m telling you what, I don’t know if my big toes have straightened out much but it sure is far more comfortable walking with these. I ended up buying two more so I can have a little stash of them. I recommend them!


    Will not fit my foot…size was labeled large but was very smallLooks cheap Also.

  6. Pamela

    Love theseReally helping in correcting my feetI use these daily when lougeing ir on my feet cleaning

  7. Bruce D. Troutman

    It took about three days to adjust to the feeling of wearing the bunion correctors. Now, I don’t notice them. The reduction of pain has been outstanding.

  8. Mommy Jessup

    I ordered the Small/Medium but it’s too big. The size of the “sock” is fine but the padding that goes between the thumb toe & the next toe is WAY too thick for my small foot. IF it did work to separate the thumb toe, it would cause the toe beside it to be pushed overtop the 3rd toe WHICH would be way worse than a slight bend of large toe. I think this would be helpful IF the padding was much thinner so if you have a wide foot, it may help – BUT if your foot is small & narrow–it’s just a waste. Also due to the quality of the product, I feel that this is too expensive.

  9. Jane

    I need to wear shoes that give my feet balance and help walking well. The Bunion Corrector will be very helpful in keeping my toes well aligned as I sleep. That will also help me to keep my feet in good order so that walking is a healthy activity rather than an accident waiting to happen.

  10. Christine Nuckols

    My podiatrist said nothing but surgery would help my hammer toe and bunion. I will not claim this will cure the problem . This will help with pain and discomfort and I will say it has straitend/realigned my hammer toe. Wear a few hours a day until you adjust/ get used to it, as it may be uncomfortable at first . Definately worth it !!!

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