Toenail Fungus Treatment, Nail Fungus Treatment For Toenail, Toe Nail Fungus Treatment Extra Strength, Fungus Nail Treatment, Toe Fungus Nail Treatment, Antifungal Liquid With File Brush – 1fl Oz

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Item Form Drop
Liquid Volume 30 Milliliters
Specialty Fungus,Growth,Healthy
Number of Items 1

  • Clear Your Nails With A Natural Toenail Fungus Treatment: unlike other Nail fungus treatment for toenail available in the market, our toe nail fungus treatment offers a safe and more natural alternative that may help you deal with your fungus issues.
  • Fast & Visible Results: are you tired of using inefficient fungus nail treatment that don’t improve your nails’ condition? Thanks to its potent formula, this highly effective Toenail fungus treatment provides visible results within just 4-6weeks.
  • Apply Your Toenail Fungus Treatment With Minimum Effort: coming with a handy file and a brush applicator, our antifungal liquid kit allows you to apply the liquid on your nails with maximum ease and convenience.
  • Restore Your Nail Appearance: using this toe nail fungus treatment may help you eliminate the fungus problems on your nails while deeply hydrating them so you can give them back their healthy look.
  • Stimulate Your Nail Growth: besides helping you cope with the unpleasant fungus issues on your toenails, our efficient Toenail fungus treatment may also enhance the growth of new and healthy nails on your toes.

Product Description

Important information

Safety Information

Please continually use this toenail fungus treatment until you see results.


Natural Ingredients Included


Please use this toenail fungus treatment 2-3 times daily for 4-6 weeks.

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Weight 3.69 kg
Dimensions 1.65 × 1.57 cm
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‎ 4.17 x 1.65 x 1.57 inches; 3.69 Ounces


‎ 700594627361



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‎ China

Manufacturer ‏

‎ Guangzhou Shiqiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd, CHARMPOO

14 reviews for Toenail Fungus Treatment, Nail Fungus Treatment For Toenail, Toe Nail Fungus Treatment Extra Strength, Fungus Nail Treatment, Toe Fungus Nail Treatment, Antifungal Liquid With File Brush – 1fl Oz

  1. ScottT

    Very effective at reversing Toe Fungal . Goes on similar to “ Iodine “ . Apply it on daily for the most effective results and it will reverse “ Fungal”in weeks instead of months ( if applied ) , every once in a while. Don’t forgot to utilize the nail file to remove/ scrape the old layers of nail for the treatment to work the most efficient. Thanks a lot “ Charmpoo “ for a great product . Scott T.

  2. j.herring

    25 African-American Male with fungus/discolored nails for at least half of my life. The best results are used to get what’s with filing down my nails but this product gives me hope. It’s worth you devoting time to it. I saw results in less than 3 weeks and I’m excited to see what more comes with my treatment

  3. Stephen & Jen Willis

    This actually began to work after the very first use!!!! What! Yes! I could not believe it either. I’ve tried so many things and wasted so much money! Both my husband and I love this product.

  4. A. L.

    I usually use it after a shower and occasionally I use it with hot water. It really works well either way, but the hot water treatment is best.

  5. Brett

    My friend used this when she had what looked to be a toe nail fungal infection. Tried it and after the 1st day we started seeing results. Works great!

  6. Pat F

    I’ve tried multiple products that advertise that they take care of fungus under nails. Champoo Nail Fungal Treatment is the first that is ACTUALLY WORKING! I’m so excited to be getting my nail back healthy again. My husband has a worse case than mine but it is helping and working for him as well. 5 STARS for this product!

  7. Jap

    I have been using this product for the first time and have tried other products but nothing seem to work. I’m see some results.

  8. shannon gray

    I really like how it is able to get down in the crevices of my toes and I can feel it working. It’s not oily but stays on a long time.

  9. Eric Freese

    I have been struggling with nails issues for over 20 years and this product is the only thing that has been working. I had almost no toenail and 1 months in I have half my toenail back!

  10. Amazon Customer

    This is great product. I used it to treat a fungal infection of my nail and it worked just like magic! It pretty much cleared out quickly. I did not have any side effects.

  11. liuhuan

    Nails have been improved,this is really good to use,no pain at all,beautiful a lot,healthy nails grow out after looking more comfortable,the effect is really good

  12. Asjia P.

    Great product and it really works, don’t hesitate to buy it and it also helped my nail grown back after the damage from the nail salon!

  13. Sherry Marie

    This is a must try ! Worked great for my husband’s toenail that had fungus ! If you have a fungus nail problem this will help !

  14. memommy421

    My husband has been using this for 2 weeks and for the first time we are seeing results! He has used countless others but with no results. Hopefully we can rid him of the thick nails for good.

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