Warticide Fast-Acting Wart Remover – Plantar and Genital Wart Removal, Attacks Warts On Contact, Easy Application (2 Bottles)

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Brand Warticide
Item Weight 3 Ounces
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4 x 1.25 x 4 inches
Product Benefits Wart Removal
Specific Uses For Product Wart

  • FAST-ACTING WART REMOVER – Our unique combination of salicylic acid and essential oils like tea tree and cedar leaf oil attacks each wart within minutes of application. A wart will begin to die within 1-2 days of initial application of the liquid and with consistent treatment, most warts will be eliminated within 2 weeks.
  • LIQUID GEL – Our delivery mechanism is a slightly viscous gel which clings to the wart while absorbing into the surrounding tissue (NDC # 71229-105-11).
  • 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We think Warticide is a terrific product but if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, please contact our support team for a full refund.
  • HOW TO USE – Unscrew the top and fill the dropper tip with liquid. Once full, apply Warticide to the wart or warts until the infected area is lightly covered with gel. Gently work Warticide into the wart with a finger and then wash hands after application is finished. Allow 3-4 minutes for the solution to absorb.
  • NATURAL, SAFE & EFFECTIVE – Our powerful formula is an extremely effective wart remover and is safe for regular or long-term use.

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Salicylic acid, denatured alcohol, deionized water, hydroxypropylcellulose, sodium hydroxide

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Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 1.25 × 4 cm
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 4 x 1.25 x 4 inches; 3 Ounces

Date First Available ‏

‎ September 22, 2018



Manufacturer ‏

‎ Warticide

14 reviews for Warticide Fast-Acting Wart Remover – Plantar and Genital Wart Removal, Attacks Warts On Contact, Easy Application (2 Bottles)

  1. SG

    It seems like it stopped working towards the end

  2. Amy

    Don’t waste your money on this product. I feel like it did nothing.

  3. Donna Norton

    It burns

  4. Amazon Customer

    I feel obligated to write a review and share information with this product and what to expect. First and foremost before you apply this product you have to make sure you soak the warts in water like after taking a shower.I have been bothered by my genital warts for about a year and half. I have tried freezing them and have tried natural oils but nothing seemed to work. After soaking, apply the solution using a Qtip and gently press it on the wart. It will burn for about a minute or two and the top of the wart will turn white which is the acid. If you can stay naked for about 15-20 mins so that the solution wouldn’t get rubbed off by your underwear would be better. It will burn your surrounding skin so be careful it happened to me but wasn’t that bad. Keep applying it twice a day if you can and just repeat the process. After about a couple of days or so the skin on top of the wart will turn burnt or scab. Now bare in mind that the skin on the wart will dry because of the acid and you have to peal or scrub it off when in the shower or during the soaking process. This is when probably most people get discouraged is when they see that the warts get bigger and inflamed and they stop using the product, It is normal and the wart will eventually flattened. If your skin around the wart gets too irritated to a point it starts bleeding stop using the product and let the skin heal for about a day or two and then re apply. DO NOT be discouraged because this process doesn’t take days because in my case it took about a month and a half for my genital warts that were raised pretty big to barely visible. I would probably say they are 95% gone. After I started to see major results where they started to flattened I stop using the product and started using natural soap made with tree tea oil to help smooth out and heal the skin. I can honestly say it brought my confidence back to new heights. Note while in this process do not have any intercourse of any type, eat a healthy diet take vitamins to boost your immune system and if you could avoid smoking which weakens your immune system it was hard for me because i am a smoker. Remember be patient because results do not happen overnight or in a couple days. Good luck and wish you best results like mine.

  5. Paul

    Bottle was thick and pasty white. Hard to get out of the bottle with the eye dropper that came with it. It’s like the solution was dried out a bit.

  6. BirdieGirl

    First time user. Dropper had a weird white powdery substance on the outside. Got the protective wrapper off and the dropper inside had crystallized white stuff inside of it. Dropper does not work at all. Unsure if I should even use it with what I’ve seen on the inside of dropper. Will be contacting customer service.

  7. Sausha

    Only product I’ve tried that’s worked!

  8. Chatterbox

    This is a real deal review I got no endorsements from any of the products.I did some shopping on amazon to take care of some GW’s that popped up in my private region. In my past experience I used to use the apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball taped on overnight which always got the wart to turn black and fall off within 3-4 days. Last time I did it it burned the skin around it which was mighty painful and didn’t do the best job to break down GW so decided to use something different this time around.I bought this with somyxl and papillex supplement.-I applied both wartcide and somyxl 2x a day after a thorough warm shower to make sure the warts were damp.-After 3rd day the newest wart shrunk and went away on its own which had me amazed-On day 4 Skin around older wart was getting burned from frequent application and that area felt real tender. After some online suggestions I read you should apply petroleum jelly around wart to protect skin from acid damage. I applied it on the 4th day which helped but damaged was already done-Older wart was more resistant on 5th day it finally turn black and fell off on the 6th day-Downside skin was burnt though around wart and scabbed up. Applied antiseptic cream to heal the skin. No discoloration after scab fell off.Key take away I believe wartcide is the real winner but have to protect the healthy skin by applying petroleum jelly around the wart with a qtip on the healthy skin.Not sure if the somxyl alone was doing anything but it actually does have active ingredients that I found out does something when I applied it to scabbing skin. **Do not do this ** .I did on day 5 because i stopped applying the wartcide since its really strong and the skin was damaged and a scabbed layer was formed so like an idiot I applied somxyl to keep attacking the wart figuring it was mild and it burned like crazy and had two tiny blood blisters that went down the next day.I used both since I figured wartcide would burn through the top layer of the skin and the active ingredients of the somxyl would be able to penetrate afterwards.It was painful and unsightly but it worked and the scabbed skin healed after a couple of days and no discoloration under the scab. So 3 days for a fairly new wart to go away and 6 days for a wart that i let linger for a couple of months.I now take the papillex supplement every morning to make sure my immune system stays strong. I will continue to take this for the next year to 2 years since I read it takes 2 years for hpv to leave your system. So hoping for no relapses.Hope this review was helpful and best of luck!

  9. SemiTouch

    I used Warticide last month, followed the instruction and used twice a day after shower. after the 3rd day I noticed not only it didn’t decrease the wart, the size of the wart actually grew bigger, the worst part was that the skin around the wart was so damaged that it didn’t feel safe to continue to use. It was also really painful, even though I don’t mind the pain but getting my skin burnt off way too much that caused the wound to be bigger than the wart, and the wart also got bigger, I really thought this product is a waste of my time and is a bit scary to use. I finally went to the doctor and just got it freeze with liquid nitrogen and it has resolved the problem just one treatment and much more safe. I am hoping to at least get my money back.*update, I did get my money back, and I want to say that the team seems to be very responsive to customer’s feedback and questions. I would give a big plus for their work. I’m just sad that this product didn’t work for me.”Thank you for your message. So sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with Warticide.Warticide is made with an FDA approved active ingredient called salicylic acid. In an effort to keep our product less abrasive, we include this ingredient at a lower percentage than many other products on the market. So it makes sense that it may take longer to effectively remove the wart, but it is unusual for it to severely damage the skin or cause sever burning. Especially compared to other products out there.We are happy to hear that you found a solution that works for you. We have processed a full refund for your order with us. Thank you for trying Warticide.”

  10. Ruth

    Follow the directions and it will work. I am female and suffer from genital warts. I was using meds received by prescription from my doctor. Burned like you know what and took a long time to work causing pain and a lot of soreness all around the area. Actually burned the skin a little. Tried everything on the market and some old home remedies and nothing worked but that burning stuff. Gave this a try and I got to tell you this stuff works. Yes, there is a “little sting” but nothing earth shattering. Of course, after 5 back surgeries and 2 hip replacements, I developed a high tolerance for pain but this is not overly painful, just a sting. Follow the directions to the letter and it will work. I started a routine and found it helpful. Bought a pack of wipes with aloe and run under hot water to warm them and wiped the wart with it to open the pores. The aloe helps heal the skin. Wipe dry with a tissue then used a very small cotton ball and put the medicine on it and held it on the wart for a few seconds. There was a slight sting due to the open pores. Let it stand without anything on until I brush my teeth and wash my face. Time to sink in and then put on underwear. Been doing this for about a month now and the smaller wart is gone and the bigger one is almost gone. The package warning said ask doc before using if you have diabetes. I have Stage 2 diabetes and have suffered no ill effects from this. I swear by this stuff and am purchasing more. Cannot recommend it high enough.

  11. Anonymous User

    Let me just say i had no idea how fast you start to spiral after seeing that first bump. Hpv Is the silent, untraceable disease. I have a fiance now and i must have contracted this years ago and never knew because i got a bump out of nowhere and i was devastated.The thoughts start to set in, first ill lose my fiance because this is disgusting and then ill never have a romantic partner again because of it as well. BUT there is hope.Those people in the reviews whose said in 3 days said it turned black and fell off are either lying or very very lucky BUT this product does work.I paired mine with valtrex from ForHims when i saw an add on Hulu, so i dont know if that helped with my success. That being said, i did all the right steps, soaked in warm water for atleast 15 mins to open up pores then applied. 3 times a day i did this. After day 6 i was starting to get sad and discouraged but today was day 7 of applying 3 times a day AND I JUST FLAKED OFF MY FIRST WART. I have 3 more to go but they are all turning hard as well and it seems to be working.Keep at this, dont stop. Like your life depends on it and they should honestly fall off. This is not a paid review, but someone who got their love life back finally.Good luck yall. This is a brutal STD that 1% of the ENTIRE world shares. Hopefully a cure is being tirelessly worked on somewhere, but who knows.

  12. LordD

    Seems to work pretty quick. But it’s all about continuing until the wart dies or if it doesn’t you might need a second bottle. Stay with it. I’m just at the beginning but will update later. So far 3 stars so it’s worth it if you use it. After shower and scrubbing with soap and towel fry the area apply and allow it to dry. Seems the 5 mins drying process is the part people mess up. Wait the 5 mins or just go about your day. Be patient it takes time. It will burn or may burn for about 4 mins but it’s most important you cover the wart completely. Even if you have to use extra. I will increase my star rating to Five! It really does work as you’ll see the skin peel and wart dries out and gets crusty. If you have a stubborn wart use the Compound W Freeze Off that uses the little straw and foam pillow applicator. That is also 5 stars. Use the freeze each 7 days you should not need more than 3 treatments, usually the first one is enough. But even after using the freeze off continue to use this Warticide. Keep using although painful it will absolutely work. Should be all clear using these two by 3 weeks. If you need 4 that’s fine too just make sure you keep using the Warticide daily. I apply in the morning after a shower. Love this stuff because it works!

  13. Oopsno

    Ok, I’m a guy in my mid 40s. I have HPV like so many others. I’m not going to go into specifics of locations of warts and all that. But this stuff definitely works on when you spot a penile wart coming forth from the depths of hell.You just bought this stuff and you’re figuring out how to use it properly.Make sure you have a pack of q’tips on hand. Take a nice shower for at least 20 minutes and get your junk all nice and wet and moisturized.The 1st application will be the most painful, and by painful, I mean ya it hurts for 3-5 minutes on the 1st application. It burns. But use the q-tip not the dripper because you can be more precise where its going. Apply the warticide to the spot, and endure the burn for 5 minutes. You should see the wart turn white, which is the acid burning it, after a couple minutes. Yes you can burn the outside skin but this stuff affects the wart more the skin. On the 1st application, for me, it was actually super painful but it went away by the end of the 5 minutes. Just breathe.Beyond that apply this stuff twice a day until the wart starts flaking off. Then stop and see where you are at after it heals up. I did it 2-3 a day for a week and got rid of 3 on the side/underside of the penis near the base. Just make sure you apply it after you bathe the areas thoroughly and of course keep it clean.You can apply vaseline around the areas OUTSIDE the wart if you want but this stuff does affect the wart more than healthy skin, at least for me. Skin heals nicely, I’d say just stick with it.THIS STUFF WORKS.

  14. Anonymous

    This is not a paid review. I feel obligated to let you guys know that this really works. I’ve tried ACV, force of nature wart remover oil, a bunch of creams. Nothing has worked like warticide. ACV burned my skin really bad. I also tried mms and burned them off but they came back..So what happened with my flat warts were they started to dry out and turn black around the 4th day and peeled off around the 6th day. I used it twice a day after soaking in a bath. I’m still using it on some problem areas but I know for sure 3 have already peeled off. I’m just giving my skin time to breathe in between treatments but this does work if you can tolerate the 5 min of sting everytime. The sting can be a bit much but I’d rather sting than have embarrassing warts.. also I’ve accepted that the warts may come back until my immune system does it’s job but I’m going to always keep this handy just in case warts flare up because it gets it gone. I will update to let you guys know after a while how effective it was.

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