ZITALON Wart Remover, Fast Acting Gel Plantar Treatment for Feet, Remover Freeze Off, Suitable All Skin Types

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  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE : our wart remover is the powerful remedy to remove common warts, plantar warts and genital wart, corns, and papillomas. If you are battling warts, use our wart remover to remove warts at home. NDC:81799-004-01
  • SAFE & PAINLESS : Our Wart Remover is based on safe ingredients which provide gentle and harmless wart treatment without any irritation. Our wart remover is designed to rapidly eliminate wart and remove it for good, giving you healthy and beautiful skin. No stinging, No burning, No freezing.
  • EASY TO USE: Apply the Wart Removal directly to warts with cotton swab only twice a day and allow it to fully absorb into the skin. The Wart Remover provides excellent results by achieving desired effect and perfect skin in a short time.
  • A Must-Have Wart Remover: We think our Wart remover is a terrific product but if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the results that, please contact our support team for a full refund.

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‎ 4.13 x 2.09 x 1.34 inches; 1.41 Ounces

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‎ June 21, 2022


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14 reviews for ZITALON Wart Remover, Fast Acting Gel Plantar Treatment for Feet, Remover Freeze Off, Suitable All Skin Types

  1. Amazon Customer

    I ordered my second bottle. I love it.I have been to doctors with no luck. I have tried everything that looked like a possible solution. Zilch!I had a wart the size of the tip of my thumb. I have been trying to get rid of it for years. It just continued to grow. I bought this stuff, and it did not seem to do anything for two weeks. I persisted in applying it twice per day. Then one day, a piece had dried up and fell off. I thought, cool! Two weeks later, another piece fell off. About 90% has fallen off in about six weeks. I am thrilled! There has been a little discomfort, but it has been worth it. Other products I have tried have also caused discomfort. I guess there is no free lunch.

  2. Jason C

    I ordered this specifically because the title says GEL. This is a liquid as thin as water. This means you can drip some on the q tip provided, and rub it on your wart, but there is no way to get any reasonable amount applied. That said, I’m going to use it and will update the review if it works.Update: while this product didn’t work for me, I was contacted by customer service and was provided a full refund. Adding a star.

  3. Excelente producto

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     Si me agrado solo q huele un poquito feo como a pegamento

  4. DR

    When applied consistently, this wart remover really works. It takes a few applications for the small ones, and it really works. And very easy to apply. Just wish the bottle was slightly bigger.

  5. Daisy75

    It worked

  6. LuVpHoTOsONbOXeS

    I have ordered this twice. The 1st time it was a white bottle with no label and it was a clear gel type liquid that was easy to apply and stayed in place. The 2ND time I ordered this product… it came with a new labeling and medicine was pink and watery. When applied it literally dripped off my finger and got on the floor. The 1st gel type version seemed to work better than any other wart remover including salic acid and freeze off. Although it has not removed my wart, it has made significant progress and may be gone soon. The wart I have is in the crease of my finger and I have been trying to remove it for two years. 20 freeze off bottles and about 10 salic acid bottles would not remove this stubborn wart. I now see the wart was the size of a silver dollar after this treatment has shrunk and killed off some of the wart. This new stuff does seem to work , but it is runny to apply. Not sure why they changed the formula to a completely different textured product. The new version seems to kinda work but not fast enough so my wart keeps growing back. I think this product irritates it used alone…. but used with freeze off seems to be working. But both this product burns and freezing really burns. PLEASE GO BACK TO OLD FORMULA…. LOOK AT ALL THE COMPLAINTS AND COMMENTS IN THE REVIEWS THAT OLD FORMULA WAS SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE , STAYED IN PLACE WHERE APPLIED, AND DID NOT BURN NEAR AS MUCH AS THIS NEW FORMULA. I HAVE NOW USED 4 BOTTLES OF THIS… AND WILL BE TRYING A NEW PRODUCT INSTEAD TO TRY TO FINALLY ELIMINATE THIS WART.

  7. Maridiaz

    I’ve been dealing with this wart for some time and didn’t have the time or money to get it checked out. I decided to get this and was a little hesitant at first because i wanted the freeze dry stick but this starts working after only 5 minutes!!! I would love to give an update after a month as that is the recommended time to use it. I’m confident I’ll see great results. Definitely buy.Dude note you will need scissors to open the application tube and it comes with the cotton swabs. Very easy to apply and worth the money 100%

  8. Amazon Customer

    I got a planters wart from a pedicure place and caught it early, by early I mean within the first month of me realizing something wasn’t in fact stuck in my foot like I thought ! I read the reviews and bought this immediately- and within days it took care of it and maybe a week and a half until I stopped using it …(Mine was a mild case. Worse case’s obviously take longer I’m sure)

  9. Chris B.

    This is just glue with some extracts mixed in. I’ve been applying this to some warts of my ankles for a few weeks and have had no luck getting them removed. You likely don’t even need to apply this as many times as they say since it basically builds a waterproof seal around whatever it’s applied to. Actually, a few of them don’t even scrub off during a shower and I have to pick at them a bit to get them to peel off.If you want to try this, throw the provided q-tips in the trash. All they do is absorb all the liquid and cause you to use more than you need. I cut the tip off the bottle and just squeeze enough to cover the area I want to treat and let it air dry.I saw somewhere that somebody mentioned it turning white on their face and this stuff can turn white if you have any “raw” skin exposed. Maybe has something to do with moisture because glue can do the same thing. If you do apply it to an open wound, it may also burn a bit.Doesn’t work for me but I’m sure many others have had great success. A bit expensive for what it is… which is glue.

  10. Matt bison

    Got rid of the issue fast and painfeee

  11. Pat H

    Very easy to apply Q tips provided. It is taking longer than expected but is slowly working. Not messy applies easily I will continue until wart is gone

  12. Burittofart

    Tried all the ones from Walmart and target for years but this one got the job done in about a month


    It works. I tried this on some embarrassing gential warts and it was gone within a week. It does darken the skin but the skin peels away after a few days with no pain and you’re back to normal skin tone. Did not notice any major discomfort. There was some minor stinging sensation that was brief but nothing to really worry about. Thoroughly impressed with this product.

  14. Ruben Sosa

    Best product for the price.

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